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Cadell covered his ears with two hands. "Okay, man. You can stop now." He turned to Elijah who sat next to him wearing a green coloured variation of the Psycho mask. "Are you sure this is the guy?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Elijah said. "I guess he's just a screamer."

"What's up with the pitch though?"

"I don't know, man. Your screams aren't too far off from this."

Cadell scoffed. "What? No way." He hesitated while Milo Palmer began to look around the brightly lit interrogation room. "Wait... really?"

"Where am I?" Milo yelled.

"We ask the questions!" Cadell yelled back before smirking underneath his mask. He'd always wanted to say that. "Take a seat, dumbass."

Elijah fastened handcuffs on the boy while Cadell leaned back in his chair, throwing two legs on the interrogation table. Thud. Thud.

"Oh shit! You're that vigilante from the video, aren't you?"

Elijah's elbow thumped into Milo's nose causing blood to gush like water from a faucet. He bent over, swearing. "Did you hear what the man said? Elijah growled. We ask the questions, dumbass."

Cadell folded his arms. Nice one. They had planned this beforehand, but the aggressive display still somewhat surprised him

"As you can see," Cadell said calmly. "My friend has a terrible habit of elbowing people in the face. It's a chronic illness actually, very sad, I know."

"Look, whatever you think I did, I didn't do it. Let me go."

Cadell stroked his chin as if contemplating. "Let you go? Why didn't you just say that, silly? Of course."

"What? Really?"

"Yeah, sure. Just tell us where Shiro is first."

Cadell's hallucinations heightened as soon as the gang leaders name was mentioned. A filthy orange-red mixture swamped Milo's body, replacing an ocean blue.

"I'm not telling you shit. Kill me or send me to prison.

"Loyalty," Cadell said, nodding. "I respect that."

The vigilante stood up and began to walk around the interrogation room. "Most superheroes, not that I see myself as one, are fine with beating their enemies senseless to get the information they want in the name of justice. I didn't believe it at first, but it's actually quite a common trope in comics. Cutting off a finger, piercing a sensitive nerve, I was baffled!"

Cadell paused in speech, retorting thoughts back at the voice. "But you see, physical torture and even threats aren't really my thing. Yesterday, I told my good friend over there that I have problems with the ethical issues such acts present."

"However, that was only half the reason." Cadell stopped walking. He gently put a hand on Milo's shoulder. "There's a voice inside my head, Milo, and it tells me to do very bad things. What do you think would happen if I listened to it right now and peeled off your fingernails? The answer is simple. A giggle would escape my lips, and I would enjoy it. Using a four-inch knife, I would make tiny shallow cuts on every inch of your body until you gave in to a slow, excruciating death, and we can't have that can we?"

"Psycho," Elijah said shakily.

"Oh, right," Cadell said. "Milo, please may I ask you a question?"

The boy stared at the interrogation table, pale as a ghost. "Yes."

"Do you like skydiving?"

Milo, his chair and Cadell fell through the floor.

They plummeted to the earth's surface at 30,000 feet.

Turbulence chilled Cadell's body. Ayyy, the skies not bleeding. What a beautiful night. He front flipped ten times, backflipped seven times, then glanced at a flashing sign at the corner of his holographic display: 15 seconds until impact.

A pleasant freefalling experience coming to an end, Cadell grabbed a chair, his mind wandering. He couldn't wait to get started on Sara's painting. He was tempted to settle for a normal portrait, but he was going to take a bold risk. She would surely like...

Wait a sec... Aren't I forgetting something?

No, boy. The voice said. Let's head back now.


Cadell looked to his right to see the boy close by, wildly spiralling. Tears sparked from his squeezed shut eyes. His hands seemed to be pressed together in prayer.

Cadell reached to grab his shoulder. "Hey, it's me! Don't worry! You'll die instantly on impact; you won't feel a thing!"

Milo's eyes shot open. "I'll tell you anything! Save me! Save me!"

"Are you sure?" Cadell asked.


"Okay. Can you quickly say, Psycho the Vigilante is a pretty cool guy?"


"My friend wants to post this on—haha, never mind."

They both fell into a portal, but instead of the interrogation room being their destination, another portal on a city street puked them up high into the air.

Milo screamed, somehow topping his previous scream in pitch. He lunged at Cadell, holding on for dear life. "I said take me back! Take me back!"

Cadell rolled his eyes. "Stop hugging me! I ain't your mama. Have you ever heard of momentum before? Unless you want to land on your feet at 122 miles per hour, shut your dumbass up, dumbass!"

They continued to rise, past skyscrapers and pigeons who were probably thinking "What the..." until they slowed down just beneath the clouds. A portal collected them and then, just like that, they were standing in the interrogation room.

Well, Cadell was standing in the interrogation room.


Sara (21:20): Hey, Cad

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Sara (21:20): Hey, Cad. :) How's the art going?

Sara (21:21): This is going to sound crazy, but have you seen the news lately? There's this vigilante fighting knife crime? Now, before I go further, I want you to know that I care about you deeply. Ever since we were children, we've been there for each other and that shouldn't change. When I see you hurting, it hurts me too and... Fuck, I don't know what I'm saying.

Sara (22:00): As friends, we should trust each other, but I feel like you've been lying to me.

Sara (22:00): Are you Psycho the Vigilante?

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