Who Said You Could Sit On My Towel?

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I wish I could rip you out of my soul,
I wish we never met,
Even though you made life less bearable
If I knew what was going to happen in the end I wouldn't put myself through it. 

I wish I was with him.
God, do I hate how I like him.
I hate his stupid goofy smile and his laugh and his mannerisms and things he doesn't even know he does that I notice.

I feel like we're supposed to be.
Him and I could take on the world,
One day at a time,
Holding hands and sprinting into the sunset,
Like the soulmates we are.

But alas,
It's just in my head.

We're not meant to be.
I can tell you this right now,
We will never be the golden light I have imagined.
We will eventually part our separate ways,
Only to go back to the small talk that once was.

This isn't the future I want,
But I have no clue how to change it.

🤡 = me

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