Chapter 50

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"Georgia hold still please." Keith mumbled trying to change the active baby's diaper. "Allura and Romelle are on their way home. Daddy should be here shortly."

"Babe!" Lance exclaimed and walked in the door. "Did you see the tattoo I got?"

"I felt the tingling sensation but I didn't get to look yet." Keith answered.

"Dadada!" Georgia shouted getting Lance's attention.

"Hello Beautiful." Lance said walking into the living room and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"There you go Peach." Keith smiled lifting the baby up. "All done."

"Mum." Georgia babbled giving Keith a hug. "Mum mum mum mum."

"Even Georgy thinks you act like a mom!" Lance laughed.

"Shut up." Keith said turning his head as a blush made it's way onto his cheeks.

"I think it's cute." Lance said giving Keith a peck.

"What's the tattoo?" Keith asked changing the subject.

"Look at your wrist." Lance smiled.

Keith pulled back the sleeve of Lance's sweater and looked at wrist.

"Oh wow." Keith said speechless as he traced the tattoo. "It's Beautiful."

"I thought Ronny was going to pick a bad tattoo." Lance mumbled. "But instead, I got an amazing one instead."

"Lance? Keith?" Romelle asked as the door could be heard being shut.

"In the living room." Keith said.

Romelle and Allura walked into the living room, hand in hand.

"Be nice." Keith whispered to Lance.

"I'll try." Lance whispered back.

"Hello." Allura said. "Can we talk?"

"Take a seat." Keith said gesturing to the chair in the living room.

"Mum mum mum!" Georgia squealed. "Dadada."

Lance walked over to the toy box and dumped the toys out so that Georgia could play while the adults talked.

"I wanted to explain everything that happened." Allura said. "I felt awful for the things I've done to you guys, but I didn't really have a choice."

"What do you mean?" Lance questioned.

"Lotor threatened me." Allura explained. "I had a soulmate. At the age of sixteen I-I got pregnant. Lotor found out and threatened to kill my soulmate and my baby."

Allura took a deep breath as tears gathered in her eyes. Romelle, noticing this, took Allura's hand and held it tight.

Keith on the other hand wasn't doing as well. Tears were already streaming down his face.

"I did what he asked but then the tasks were getting worse. Way worse." Allura continued. "And I couldn't bring myself to do it. When I told Lotor I wanted out, he lashed out and killed my soulmate and stabbed me in my stomach, killing my baby. I wanted to get help so bad. But I was scared. I should've reached out for help. Because if I did, my baby would be here with me today. It's funny though. Here I am with his sister."

"I'm so sorry Allura." Keith said getting up and giving the girl a hug. "I wish we could've helped in someway.

"Thank you." Allura choked out.

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