Chapter 6-Protector Vs. Mate

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Bryson (Carvers' Beta) ^^^^

Chapter 6

Protector Vs. Mate

Carvers' POV

I duck and throw my fist towards his face. He quickly deflects it and sends his knee to my ribs. Jumping back I kick down his knee and use the leverage to knock him off his feet. He growls in annoyance and I smirk down at his sweating face. He lunges at me effectively tackling me to the ground and we begin to roll around trying to gain the upper hand.

"Give up Bry! You can't beat me." I smirk at pin him down.

He growls and struggles but soon gives up. "I hate you."

"Nah baby I know you looove me!" I peck his cheek and roll off of him.

"Are you cheating on me with our Alpha, Bryson?" A very pregnant Charlie asks teasingly.

"Girl you know you can't compare to me." I flip my hair playfully before pecking her huge bump.

Bryson pushes me down and cups her bulging belly. "Lips off my mate Carver."

"Jealously is an ugly thing Bryson." I chuckle before standing up.

He scoffs behind me as I walk away. "Where are you going?"

"I have to check up on something!" I shout back as I make my way into the house.

I jog up the stairs to my apartment. It's still early, not even 8 in the morning on a Saturday. I quietly open the front door and close it behind me just as softly. The sounds of Cortez and Callum calm breathing tell me that they are still tired from last night. After getting to Water World with the WHOLE Slater clan, that means Aunt McKenzie and all my uncles along with their mates and kids, we spent all day there until it closed. Then we went to a late dinner before coming home around 2 a.m.

Walking into my office I start up my computer and sigh. I had Bryson check on that house yesterday while I had a meeting with a neighboring Alpha but nobody answered. He told me after ringing the doorbell for 10 minutes he left since the car was gone anyway. The bad feelings haven't gone away though and at this point it's driving me utterly insane! I go into the towns records and find the lease for the house and the new owner information.

Leila Wolfe, widow and son Wynter Wolfe. Jesus his name is so fucking cool. I flip the page and suck in a breath at his school records. He was hospitalized 3 times for cracked ribs and a broken wrist. Sent to the nurses' office more times then I bet the whole school put together has been there. These kids did a fucking number on him no wonder they moved away.

The dad died in a bank robbery and Wynter was found lying next to the body with his pinky entwined with his dads'. I sigh and close the file before putting it away. I know what Cortez meant about Wynter being fragile but I never imagined it would be so heartbreaking. I haven't even met the kid, just heard is name and I want to pull him close and never let go. My ears pick up the sounds of Cortezs' bedroom door opening so I push my chair back and leave my office.

"Hey Tezzy, what do you want for breakfast?" I ask as he sits at the counter.

"Wynter." He groans and looks up at me with watery eyes. "Something doesn't feel right Carver. I know something is wrong."

I frown at him before nodding. "Tell me EXACTLY how you feel for Wynter. Every little detail, tell me how you felt when you first saw him, when you first talked to him, when you kissed him."

"Well when I first saw him I instantly felt this connection with him. It was like we were meant to meet each other and become friends." He says and I cut him off.

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