Chapter 23 - Love

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"It cannot be!" Asmodues punched a hole in the wall. "Everything I worked for! All my plans! Everything!" he vented in fury.

Asmodues pulled Ruth off the floor and smacked her back down to it hard. He pulled her hair back and threw her to a wall. Ruth didn't get hurt because her hands blocked her fall. She whipped her hair back at Asmodues and swallowed at his stone cold glare.

"You have wasted all my efforts Ruth. To go on with my quest is now pointless - useless." he cracked his neck. "Before, I held back on you because you were carrying what was supposed to be my new body." he raised his hand and balled it into a fist. "That will not be the case tonight."


In a shallow pool of black water surrounded by skeletons and fog, laid Matt. His naked body was wrapped around several darker arms with no bodies. He faced up at the lunar eclipse with his lifeless eyes partially closed.

A black panther gracefully approached the pool and with its yellow piercing eyes, it stared at Matt. Losing interest almost immediately, it lowered its head to have a drink. Its tongue brought forth small waves that drastically increased to huge waves which splashed against Matt.

The panther raised its head only to tilt it at the calming water. Fingers submerged from the water and shot up to abnormally long hands. The hands went plummeting down towards Matt and wrapped themselves around him.

"Matthew," a soft male voice called out and the panther lowered its head afraid. "Matthew,"

Matt parted his dry lips but not even a gasp escaped his lips. "I have failed." he finally said.

"No you have not." the voice refused.

"It is over." Matt weakly continued.

"It is only over when I say that it is over." the voice declared with confidence.

"Why are you here to comfort a sinner like me?" Matt asked in almost a chuckle.

"Because I already paid for your sins."

"Jesus," Matt called out.

"Wake up."

Asmodues jumped off Ruth with his eyes wide. He got hold of his head and cringed in pain. Ruth backed away afraid and held onto her heart. Asmodues fell to his knees and bowed his head.

With his back curved downwards, he departed from Matt's body into a dark smoke. He disappeared into the ceiling and Matt fell to his stomach gasping for air. Ruth ran to his aid and lifted him up.

Asmodues violently burst out through the floor in between Stephanie and Muriel. Both women were sent stumbling to the ground and the next thing they heard was another bang up the ceiling. Concrete and wood went falling down - creating a new wall of rubble between them. Stephanie was quick to jump back to her feet and she dug threw it shouting.

"Are you okay?!" she exclaimed but heard nothing in return.

On the other side, Muriel helplessly looked on. She had completely no way of telling whether Stephanie was okay or not. In despair, she backed away and cut through the hallways. The explosive sounds of stray bullets blasted everywhere. Muriel smelt the gun powder and skidded to a halt only to find herself in the middle of a shootout.

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