Chapter 22 - Accuser

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Matt heard the Ruth’s screams echo through the passage and they were enough to get his feet running. Her screams got louder the further he ran into the darkness. At that point, he wasn’t thinking about what diabolical creatures hid away in the darkness. Neither did he quiver to the croaking sounds nor the sudden coldness that brushed against his skin. All he wanted was his Ruth.

“Ruth!” he hopefully exclaimed in the dark and got a scream in reply.

Matt saw a light up ahead and hastened his steps. His boots thudded with every angry stride he took towards the oppressive figure pinning Ruth down. Matt halted and aimed his gun. He shouted and pulled the trigger to which blood splattered on Ruth’s face.

Asmodues fell limp on top of her and she screamed aloud. Ruth pushed the body off and crawled away from it backwards with her teary eyes fixed on it. A thought crossed her mind and she widened her eyes in fear.

A gasp escaped her lungs and her eyes reeled around only to spot Matt running towards her. Ruth’s lips twitched into a smile but the sight of the corpse wiped it away like it wasn’t even there. The very same thought was lingering and gnawing in her mind.

Asmodues is still here!

“Babe,” Matt huffed when he finally caught up.

Ruth shook her head at him. “Stay away,” she shakily told him.

“What?” Matt took a step further but Ruth backed away in response. “Ruth,”

“Matt, please go. Babe, just leave now.” she croaked.

“Everything is going to be okay. He can’t hurt you anymore.” Matt stretched his hand out to her. “Come on,” he urged.

Ruth’s mouth fell agape when the smoky figure peered in above Matt. “No,” she cried as she shook her head in disbelief. “Asmodues, you told me that you wouldn’t hurt him as long as I didn’t tell him about you.”

Matt dropped his brows stunned. He was stupefied to learn the exact reason Ruth didn’t tell him about her problems. He thought back to the times when she brushed his questions off or plainly get angry with him.  She was just protecting from her unfortunate fate.

While Matt  processed everything, he couldn’t help but notice that Ruth kept her eyes away from him but up.
Curious, Matt followed her gaze and when he finally saw it, he scowled.

The shadow speared itself at Matt and dived into his chest. Matt dropped his gun and held the sides of his head. He squeezed his eyes closed and let out an agonizing scream of pain that echoed through the hallway.

“Matt!” Ruth screamed after him in anguish.

A deep laughter soon followed after and Ruth slowly got back to her feet. Matt grinned darkly at her and spread his arms apart. “How do I look?” he waved his brows up and down.

“You son of a bitch!” Ruth screamed at Asmodues in anger.

Asmodues threw his head back in laughter. “I swear females are the most complex beings in this damned world.” drawing closer to her, he continued with a smug, “I mean, I now possess the image of your beloved lover. Wouldn’t it be better to marry me this way? At least now, it will be his face you will see while we make love in this delicious lunar power.”

“You will never ever take Matt’s place.” Ruth retorted furiously.

“Oh, but I already have!” Asmodues raised his voice and the floor beneath them shook – dropping bits of rubble off the roof.

As soon as the quake subsided, Ruth lifted her wedding dress and ran away into the darkness in tears. Asmodues grinned at her back and watched her turn to a corner.

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