Extraordinary Ordinary Part 2

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Samantha corners me the minute she is finished serving her last customer. I'm just logging off my till when she confronts me.

'Was that who I thought it was that you took downstairs?' She asks; hand on my arm like we're best buds.

'Depends who you thought it was.' I say without looking up

'Was it Adrian Axel?' She says Adrian Axel very slowly and succinctly, like I have hearing problems.

'Yeah it was him' I reply, walking towards the staff room.

'Oh my God! It's not fair! I've been here a year and a half without anything interesting happening and you're here less than a week and you're showing a Hollywood God around.'

I smile smugly to myself.

'What was he like? What did he say? Why the hell was he dressed so badly when he left? Did he give you a tip?' She asks, following me to the staff room.

Oh, that's it. She thinks that she has missed out on the chance of easy money. I'm tempted to tell her that he gave me a huge tip but I think better of it.

'Why would he give me a tip? I'm a shop assistant, people don't tip shop assistants.'

She regains some of her usual icy Samantha composure at this. Samantha doesn't like me. It would just boil her blood if I got to meet a megastar and he tipped me.

'Oh that's a shame, maybe the next time a celebrity comes in you'll give them better service.' She replies smiling at me sweetly. Bitch.

'Maybe next time a celebrity comes in you'll manage to get there first.' I say, putting on my jacket and smiling just as sweetly. I put my bag over my shoulder and stroll out of the staff room leaving her still trying to think up her next dig. I'm feeling smug just now but I know she will be hell to work with tomorrow.

I don't know why she doesn't like me. Since I started at 'The Barn', the only things that she has said to me have been thinly veiled insults. She seems to get along with everyone else just fine so I'm guessing she's not completely horrible. For some reason I just rub her up the wrong way. It might be because Sean and I get along well, he's been showing me the ropes, but I'm not sure.

By the time that I decide that I simply don't care why Samantha hates me I'm already at Union Street waiting on my bus. I get out my mobile and start to text my sister.

'You will never guess what happened...'

It's 8am and I'm standing at the bus stop waiting to go to work. I sigh, thinking that today is going to be very boring compared to yesterday. I had a look on Google last night and found out that Adrian Axel has been filming in Edinburgh. Not any more though, apparently yesterday was the last day of filming. He'll be off back to Hollywood in no time. Too bad.

The first person I see in work is Mel so I won't be wearing her badge today. I met her briefly on my first day on Monday but she was off sick after that. Callum decided that that meant that I would be Mel while he waited on my I.D badge arriving. Having customers know your name 'promotes a friendlier atmosphere' apparently. True as that may be, when they are calling me by someone else's name I don't seem very friendly, I just seem a bit slow. I keep thinking 'who are they talking to?'

I dump my stuff into my locker and Mel offers to make me a cup of tea. We still have ten minutes before our shift starts.

'So Wren, did anything interesting happen while I was gone?' She asks, getting the teabags out of the cupboard.

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