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Jeongguk looked in the mirror as he carefully went over the surface of his lips with his cherry chapstick. His hair still wasn't finished and he still wasn't dressed, and he only had ten more minutes left till the clock hit 10. The driver had been waiting for almost thirty minutes.

Quickly he pulled on a suit, well not very quickly and brushed his hair. To his dismay he didn't have time to put on any makeup, not that he had much make up anyways.

"So you're the boy Taehyung's taking to dinner?" The driver asked, looking at Jeongguk  through the rear-view mirror.

"Not necessarily dinner, i-it's just to discuss our contract." A light pink dusted over his cheeks as he spoke, keeping his head down so he doesn't make his embarrassment known.

"Ah okay Jeongguk, you know Taehyung doesn't like it when people are late." The driver commented playfully.

"R-Really? I-Is he gonna be mad when I get there?" His eyes going wide as he questioned the old man.

"I don't think he will be, but now that you mention it we'll be arriving in a few minutes."

As time passed by the car had slowly got silent, Jeongguk now picking at the hem of his suit jacket. His anxiety starting to get to him as he saw the car come to a stop.

He started to feel a bit suffocated, his breathing becoming heavier as he stared out of the window. While scanning the fancy area he made eye contact with deep, dark brown honey eyes. He hadn't even noticed that the door was open and he was getting taken out.

"Seems I might have to start getting you myself, doll." Taehyung's voice wasn't enough to break Jeongguk's daze but he sure did hear what he was saying, and subconsciously he blushed. That beautiful crimson color now on his cheeks and on the tip of his nose. His hair a bit fluffy and his cheeks more puffed than usual.

Taehyung on the other hand was shielded in a huge peacoat and a scarf thrown around his neck, the only thing different about him this time was his hair color. It was blonde, and it went perfectly with his tan skin. Giving it a nice shimmer and setting it off.

"A-Are we gonna g-go inside?" Jeongguk asked, his doe eyes wide once again as he stared at the blonde in front of him.

"If you want us to go in like this, with me carrying you then so be it." Taehyung said as he began to walk to the door.

"C-Carrying?!" Jeongguk looked down to see his legs propped up and wrapped around the latter's waist, his hands situated on the underside of his thighs, "I-I." The tips of his ears finally began to tint as he buried his head into the delve of Taehyung's neck. Not wanting anyone to see him being carried inside of restaurant as if that would work.

"Jeongguk...you can let go now, we're at the table." The ravenette lifted his head up to see a room completely shrouded in candles. It seems that Taehyung got them one of those private rooms. To the boy it made sense seeing as they're gonna be talking about a contract.

He walked over to his seat and sat down, or at the least tried before he was stopped by Taehyung.

"I'll pull your seat out for you, I asked you to come so the least I could do is be a gentlemen." Jeongguk was quiet as he watched his seat move across the floor, and as he sat down he scooted back up to the table.

The elder pulled out his notepad and pen, looking over all the things he had wrote down earlier, "Well Jeongguk I think I've already come up with all my terms for this contract."

"T-Terms? I-I was supposed to c-come up with t-terms?"

"Yeah, just things you want to do as an artist under my label."

"W-Well can I come up with some now?"

"Sure, do whatever you want and by the way I already ordered, it's a dish called 'coq au vin' and I think you'll like it.

"C-Coq au b-bin?" Jeongguk blinked, trying to pronounce the name of the dish. It was kind of embarrassing and it showed through his once again tinted cheeks.

"Coq au vin, Jeongguk."

"Coq au v-vin." His pronunciation was still a bit shaky but it sounded about right to him. While they waited for their food to arrive he started to come up with his terms. Writing them on a napkin that had already been arranged on the table.

"Are you done with terms yet, doll?"

"Al-Almost, I don't kn-know what else to write..." His tongue stuck out a bit, it was a habit of his that had developed when he was younger when he tried to concentrate.

"How about you tell me the terms that you have now, and we can add onto them later." The blonde proposed.

"Okay, well um...I-I wanna be able to write and produce my own songs, I don't want any dating bans, and I want to own my masters..." Jeongguk hesitantly said.

"I see no problem with it Jeongguk, you were gonna have all of those things anyways with a few limitations. Now my terms." Taehyung spoke as he flipped through the notepad, "First things first, no dating during the first year of activities I need you to focus on your career and your career only. Distractions are not appreciated."

"You will abide by all rules of the label, which include scheduled use of our equipment and dance studio. Always listen to the stylists and especially me. If I tell you to do something you do it and if you disobey I have the right to punish you in anyway deemed fit. Always inform me when you're thinking of a new project or featuring on another song. And under no circumstances will you associate with people from rival companies, ever. " Taehyung closed his notepad as he came to a end, his eyes staring directly into Jeongguk's.

"Do we have a deal?"

"Y-Yeah, we h-have a deal."

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