Chapter 3- The Phone Call❤️

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I sit at our big table with all of my family, eating some lovely soup that my wife had made, when my phone rang

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I sit at our big table with all of my family, eating some lovely soup that my wife had made, when my phone rang. I pick it up, just thinking it is one of my business calls. My wife gives me a glare, so I leave the table and answer the call while I'm in the hallway to the dining room.

H- Hello, is this Casey Kline?
I stop for a minute, and hesitate to answer.
C-Yes this is Casey, can I ask who this is?.
I say trying to act formal, and not taken back.
H- This is the hospital, I'm very sorry to tell you this but Jolena Klien has passed in an accident this morning at 10:09. In result your daughter has no guardian.
I freeze, Roseabell!
C- My daughter?
I say, taken back
H- Roseabell Lilly Kline?
Yess it is Rosabell! I try to stay calm but inside I'm filled with shock.
C- Yes, what hospital?
H- She is now situated in North side hospital in Arizona.
C- Was she hurt in the accident?
I aks curious and mad that my ex-wife can't even drive
H- Yes, unfortunately she had a fracture wrist and a little concussion.
I sigh and thank her for the information and tell her that I will be picking her up in about 2 days. I go into the kitchen to see a fight bettween my son and my step-son. I pull them off each other and get them to stand up. Pushing their chest so they can't go at each other.
"What is wrong with you boys!" I yell as they both glare at each other.
"He brung her up in a conversation again!" my son, Dyaln says. I sigh and know who they are talking about. Roseabell.
"Well he's pathetic, move on! She is never coming back!" My step-son, Jake says. I know why they are being like this, Roseabells birthday is on the 14th of August. And it coming up, all of my sons get sad that they left Rose behind.
"Sit down, I've got some news!" I say as I push the boys to their seat.
"Roseabell is in the hospital!" I say, and Brandon shoots up! He looks worried but excited. He leans on the table, waiting for me to say more.
"Her and your mother were in an accident. Sadly, your mother didn't make it. So legally, I am now her guardian." I say as I look up to see all of my sons stood up. With worrying faces
"What hospital!!!" my son Dylan says.
"North side in Arizona." I say,
"Let's get into the car and start driving!" Mike shouts. I stop him in his tracks and look at him. Ya see, we live in California just in Los Angeles. So it's quite a car ride, about 8 hours
"We leave tomorrow." I say to him and all of my sons look sad but are excited to see their sister. All of my step sons are confused but excited as well, my sons have told them alot about Roseabell. I love my sons and my step sons. But I can't wait to see my daughter.
Just because I'm nice, I'm gunna do you a list of all the people in Rosabells family and dad's side

Roseabell only has her mum for most of her life and she has never needed anyone else.
Her dad remarried and has a big family with 7 step sons and 4 sons.
His sons
His step sons
Danny- 10

He has a big family and as you can probably tell its going to be a big change for Rose.
Hope you like this Chapter with a different point of view! I love writing this story for you and I can't wait to get into it! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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