"Please come this way, sir." a security tells RK as he authoritatively held his hand. 

"Don't touch me!" RK says furiously while they led him out. RK turns to look at Madhu and she smirks at him proudly. 

Four hours later, Madhu walks out of the supermarket after her shift. She was about to turn to the parking lot to cut through the fence to get to her second job at the diner as a waitress when she spots RK leaning near a car furiously looking at her. She ignores him and starts to walk off when he was suddenly near her blocking her way. 

"I didn't wait here four hours to watch you walk away." RK furiously tells her. 

"Get out of my way." 

"You insulted me!" RK says furiously. 

"That is what you get for being a pain in the ass." 

RK furiously grips her arms, "You don't know who I am. If I want I can buy your whole fucking supermarket, just like that." RK says snapping his fingers. 

"Yet you got thrown out." Madhu smirks. 

"Don't mess with me. You won't know what hit you." 

"What do you want?" Madhu asks him tiredly. "What can you possibly do to me?" 

"I'll ruin your life." 

"I am asking you again, what can you possibly do to me that you haven't done before?" Madhu asks him furiously. 

"What do you mean?" RK asks her frowning. 

"You ruined my life once, but still I am living. There isn't anything that you can do that will hurt me, now." Madhu tells him with angry tears. 

RK leaves her hand and steps back. "Who are you? Where have I seen you before? We know each other. Don't we?" 

"I know you, Rishabh Kundra. I was never important enough for you to know me." Madhu tells him and starts to walk off when he holds her hand. 

"What do you mean by that?" 

"Let go off me." 

"Answer me, dammit!" RK says furiously. 

"Leave my hand." Madhu struggles as she furiously tells him. 

"Struggle all you want. I am stronger than you so I am not going to leave you till you answer me." 

Madhu stops still as she glared at him. "You might be stronger than me." then bending her knees she hits him on his crotch. RK falls down howling in pain. "But I have knees and all you have are balls, you dog." 

RK drives into the chawl and looks at the place in disgust. How could someone live here? He checks the address again and confirms this is the place the supermarket manager told him Madhubala lived. As he got out of the car he hears a loud quarrelling, he ignores the fighting kids and starts to walk towards Madhubala's house when he hears a loud sound as if glass was breaking and he turns back to the sound curiously and stands in shock seeing a huge crack running across the front glass of his car. Today was definitely not his day. He furiously turns to look at the kids and both the boys were staring at his car, it was dark but he could see their eyes bulging out in shock and fear. Then they slowly turned to look at him. 

"He threw the stone." A boy accuses the other pointing at him. 

RK furiously turns to look at the boy. He couldn't see the boy's face but he could clearly see the kid was trembling in fear. Good. RK walks towards him. 

"Did you throw that stone?" 

"I was throwing it at him." the kid replied in panic. 

RK holds his ears and twists it, "Hasn't anyone told you not to throw things at others?" 

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