Part One

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Seven years later

It was a busy day at the supermarket; Sundays were bad with everyone purchasing their groceries on a Sunday. Madhu mechanically starts billing up the items as quickly and as efficiently as she could. 

"20, ma'm." Madhu tells the lady. 

The lady starts taking the money while Madhu filled her purchases into the plastic covers quickly. As the lady left the other customer in the queue moves up. 


Madhu looks up in shock to see Rishabh Kundra waiting with a smile on his face. As she stared at the man who had ruined her life smiling at her, he says, "I know... I have this effect on girls." 

Quickly recovering Madhu starts to take his items to bill and there was only one item. A packet of condoms. As she fought the furious tears that threatened to spill, she quickly scans it and looks up at him when he passes her his debit card. Then he starts frowning at her, "You look familiar. Have we met before?" 

He didn't even remember her!!! How could he ruin her life and not remember her? In that instance she hated him like she had never hated anyone. "This is cash only counter." Madhu replies. 

"Come on... there are long queues in the other counter." RK says in that charming way. "By the way what is your name?" 

"You will have to stand in the queue, sir if you don't have change." 

RK looks at her name tag and says with a flirty smile, "Just swipe me, Madhubala." 

"I can't." 

"If you don't have money then move, we don't have all day." An angry customer says from behind him. 

"They are getting upset." RK tells Madhu. 

"Then go to another counter, sir." 

RK ties his hand at his chest and says, "I am not going anywhere till you swipe my card. I have the whole day." 

"Whole day?" Madhu asks him sarcastically and then pointedly looks at the packet of condom. 

"Hot date, tonight." RK tells her with a wink and a smirk. 

Madhu's eyes fill up with tears hearing that. She had been struggling and doing two jobs to bring food to their table while he was enjoying his life to the fullest. 

Seeing her eyes fill up with tears RK's smirk drops as he curiously looks at her, "Where the hell have we met before?" 

"Stop wasting everyone's time and just give me 100." 

"I don't have cash with me." RK tells her. 

"Then please go to the other counter." 

"No." RK replies stubbornly. 

"Why is this taking time?" a furious customer shouts from behind the line. 

"Sir, please. You are creating a scene." 

"Swipe me and I'll go." 

"I don't have a swiping machine." 

"You can swipe it in another counter." 

"That is not how it is done here!" Madhu tells him furiously. 

"I don't care. And why are you avoiding my question. Where have we met before?" 

Madhu furiously glares at him and he stares at her. Madhu turns to the mic and says, "Calling security to counter 1." 

A minute later, few securities come to the counter. Madhu tells them, "He is creating problems and is a nuisance to other customers." 

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