Chapter 4: 'I see sins, I sense the darkness'

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*Dedicated to MysteryPuppet whose book 'Hell's Detective' has such an incredible mythology and diverse characters and is just so awesome*

James Crowley stood at the entrance of the trailer park. He was sweating and his head was pounding. This was a place of so much evil, darkness hung over this site like a heavy suffocating blanket of despair. He took a step forward and winced as disgusting acts of debauchery cut into his mind. He concentrated on his breathing and walked slowly towards the crime scene. He saw Detective Monroe walk out the trailer where the darkness was leading him. Detective Monroe looked troubled, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it up as he paced back and forth uneasily. James took in a deep breath. How do you even begin to tell someone the impossible? Convincing a hardened detective of the works of darkness and shadows would be considerably more challenging then it was convincing Casey.

Casey.... James smiled for a fraction of a second at the thought of her. James walked up to Detective Monroe cleared his throat and said, 'Detective, I need to speak with you. Its about the body in the trailer and its important.'

Detective Monroe looked at the pale scrawny man in front of him and shook his head.
 Kid must be about twenty seven but looked like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. There were bags under his eyes, seems the kid got as much sleep as he did.
His hair was a mess and he wore a cheap black suit. At least his shoes were clean and shiny, those must be new. He threw his cigarette on the floor, crushed it and said, 'I don't have the time kid.'
'My name is James Crowley. My father was Thomas Crowley. You will want to make time.'
Detective Monroe let out a small smile, seemed the kid had some balls, along with a legendary father but just because his father was an incredible FBI profiler that didn't mean shit here. He said to James, 'All respect to your father kid, this is a trailer park murder, FBI has no jurisdiction here and I have no interest in working with some pale little kid.'
James looked down and closed his eyes taking in a deep breath and then replied, 'I'm not with the FBI. Not a cop or any sort of law enforcement.'
'Then get the hell out of my face.' Detective Monroe turned and walked to his car angrily and James shouted from behind him, 'you can't explain it can you?' did you find the heart?
It wasn't cut out.'
Detective Monroe stopped and turned around slowly and walked towards James and said sternly, 'do you know your rights?' James nodded confused and Detective Monroe continued, 'Great, you're under arrest for suspicion on the murder of John Smith, you have the right to remain silent and whatever you say can and will be used against you blah blah freaking blah.'

The darkness was too much. Shadows filled James Crowley's mind. Images of the worse, most despicable crimes flashed through his mind. Each image, each dark memory of every single criminal that had sat in this very same interrogation room rushed into his mind.
James held his head with his hands screaming out in pain as the darkness overwhelmed him.
 He lurched and puked all over the table, sick to his stomach with his head pounding and his heart beating out of control. Detective Monroe stood watching from the other side of the glass with Detective Conroy. He looked at Detective Conroy and said, 'Does that look like an innocent person?'
Detective Conroy shook his head and replied, 'No, that looks like a scared kid. What makes you think it was him?'
'He knew about the missing heart. Said that it wasn't cut out. How would he know that if he wasn't the one to do it? His father was a great FBI profiler. He put away some of the sickest baddest psychos out there. His kid didn't even finish college. Dropped out and went off the grid. My guess is that he couldn't live up to his fathers expectations and was more interested in the psychotic killers than putting them away and decided to see if he could commit a murder that not only his father could solve.'
Conroy whistled and asked, 'We gonna call his father?'
Detective Monroe bowed his head and said, 'His father is dead. He was skinned alive and every single bone in his body was broken. Nobody knows how it was done or who did it.
Lets go see if he does.'

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