Chapter Sixty Three

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The music was turned down significantly and I, like everybody else, looked around for the reason why.
Grandpa was up on yet another temporary stage the guys had apparently put together and once again held a microphone in his hand.
Guess the next part of the Reception was set to start.
"Attention everyone!"
Grandpa's voice surrounded us, coming from the various speaker's set up around the yard — donated by Jax of course.
Even more of a hush fell over the tables and the Guests who hadn't managed to score a seat.
"It's safe to say today has been a beautiful one."
Grandpa continued.
I felt my smile grow.
A murmur of something that sounded like agreement floated from the Guests.
"But the events aren't quite over!"
Grandpa's voice rose to continue being heard.
A few whistles and scattered claps answered his statement.
"I'd like to invite Jax and Kylie up here to say a few words!"
Grandpa stated.
The Best Man and the Maid Of Honour's speeches.
Mum kissed my cheek, then pushed her chair back and rose to her feet.
From Blayze's left side, Jax too got to his feet.
They met a few steps away from the table and made their way together to join Grandpa on the little stage.
A renewed buzz of chatter came from the Guests, while some song played at a low background level from a sound system that was also probably thanks to Jax.
I leaned towards Blayze.
"What's the bet that my Mother will be in tears?"
He shot me a smile and linked the finger's of his right hand through my left ones.
"No bet necessary."
He replied, his eyes twinkling.
I lifted our linked hands, took a second to admire the sparkle of my new ring, then kissed his knuckles.
"Over to you Jax."
At the sound of Grandpa's latest words, I turned towards the temporary stage.


Being the centre of attention in front of a crowd had never in my life bothered me.
But, standing on the temporary stage tonight, with Kylie and Isaiah just a few feet behind me and Blayze, Bailey, the rest of the Bridal Party and the Guests spread out in front of me...
My audience was tiny, if I'd had my guitar in my hand's.
But there was a lot more riding on this performance.
I wasn't about to belt out lyrics that I was well aware my fan's adored.
I had to talk about Blayze and Bailey.
And I couldn't make any words come out of my mouth!
I turned my gaze to the Bridal Party table and looked at my younger but bigger Cousin.
Blayze raised his eyebrows, clearly asking me what the hell was going on.
Murmur's started up from the Guests.
"Tick Tock!"
Codie shouted.
Nearly every person in front of me laughed!
I pressed my lips together to try and keep my own laughter in, but felt myself shake.
I breathed in deeply and snatched the microphone out of the holder on the stand.
I'm always more comfortable holding a mic, unless I'm strumming on my guitar.
"Before I get down to business..."
I scanned the crowd.
"I'm no doubt gonna sound like a jerk with the next words. But they've gotta he said."
Silence answered me.
I glanced at Blayze and Bailey to find them both looking at me curiously.
Half turning around, I found Kylie watching me with the same expression.
I turned back to the Guests.
"Tonight, I'm not here as Jaxon Rowan; the Musician slash Singer."
I informed the crowd.
A murmur reached my ear's.
"Tonight I'm here as Blayze's Cousin and Blayze and Bailey's Best Man."
I elaborated.
I looked to the Bride and Groom and found Blayze shaking his head but smiling and Bailey grinning.
"If you want my autograph or anything of the like, then get your arse to the next show. Because tonight I won't be signing shit."
I distinctly heard Isaiah's attempted muffled chuckle from behind me.
A loud drum roll came from off to the left and while everybody else turned to look, I didn't have to.
I didn't ask Jaeger for the drum roll, but it didn't surprise me that he'd done it.
A loud wolf whistle sounded, followed by clapping and I turned my eyes to the Bridal Party table to find Keegan and Codie clapping, Codie grinning widely.
Heath, Joel, then Lukas joined them.
Then slowly most of the Guests joined in.

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