“Mami, did you hear—”

Tomomi’s words trailed off into an end when she turned around in the chair she had been sitting in at the desk. She huffed softly, crossing her arms over chest with a small pout on her face. When she had turned around, she had been expecting the blonde to not be paying attention to her like she hadn’t been when they first started but she hadn’t expected to find Mami asleep on her of all things. She knew Mami was a bad student and had trouble paying attention, but did she really have to fall asleep on Tomomi?

The amateur tutor couldn’t help but feel a bit offended right now. Was her tutoring really that boring that it had put Mami to sleep? Tomomi didn’t think she was doing that bad on tutoring Mami; she really thought she was doing well. Besides, it was Mami’s suggestion to study and now the blonde was the one asleep on her. All of it was rather insulting in Tomomi’s opinion.

A soft sigh left Tomomi’s lips and she shook her head. The offensive feeling she felt quickly diminished. In her mind, she knew she shouldn’t be offended or surprised by Mami’s action. Even if Mami was trying to change, she was still herself. She was still the student who didn’t care about school and backtalked to her teachers. She was still the student who would rather sleep in school than actually pay attention. Tomomi knew better than to believe her tutoring could easily change that in Mami. If Tomomi wanted to improve her grades – and more importantly, if Mami wanted to improve her grades – then they would need to work on helping the blonde pay better attention, and actually start caring a bit more. Tomomi just didn’t know where to even begin with that part.

She turned around in the chair again, picking up a piece of paper off her desk and placing it in the textbook as a makeshift bookmark before closing the book. There was no point in sitting here if Mami was asleep now. She scooted the chair away from the desk, pushing herself up and looking at the clock. Her heart momentarily thudded in her chest when she saw the time.

Her parents would be home within an hour and Mami was still here. She could try to hide Mami again but Tomomi knew that when her parents came home, they would probably come find her and Mami was currently asleep in a fairly obvious place in her room. What was she supposed to do though? She couldn’t just wake Mami up and ask her to leave; she knew the teenager would take that in completely the wrong way but at the same time… Tomomi couldn’t just leave Mami here and risk getting caught by her parents when she still hadn’t been told she could have friends over.

Even when she was motionless and unconscious, Mami continued to create problems for Tomomi. Somehow though, Tomomi didn’t exactly mind the idea of it. Mami might not have intended it, but just by coming over here, she had let Tomomi know how in need she was of a friend. Tomomi had thought about the last time Mami had come to her, although she certainly hoped this time was under much better circumstances. She knew the police might not be any better circumstances but Tomomi could thankful that Mami’s mother hadn’t hurt her again…. At least, not to Tomomi’s knowledge she hadn’t.

The young tutor was willing to let Mami sleep for a bit longer even if she had felt slightly offended by the suddenness of it. She knew Mami must be tired. She may not know what had happened to Mami today and would probably never know, but she knew enough to infer that Mami was probably at least emotionally exhausted from the day’s events. Once it got closer to the time her parents would be home, she could wake Mami up then.

Tomomi decided to leave her room, feeling a slight hunger but more so simply not wanting to make a mistake that would have ended up with waking Mami up. She scratched her head as she made her way down the hall, not taking long to find her way into the kitchen. The brunette poured herself a glass of water before leaning up against the counter, her eyes watching the clock that hung on the wall across the room.

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