Chapter 2- Hospital❤️

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The sirens were getting louder and the screams from the outside world were muffled by our big, heavy and metal car that was practically on top of me

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The sirens were getting louder and the screams from the outside world were muffled by our big, heavy and metal car that was practically on top of me. I can just make out people trying to help me and my mother, telling us to not move and everything will be OK? But do I believe them? No. Do I want to? Yes. It's hard. My wrist has a while lot of weight on it and my stomach hurts. I've got blood dripping down from my head and my whole body is in pain. The sirens are very close right now and the sound is nearly making me go death. Every thing is in slowmotion, all the sound and screams of pain.

After about 5 minutes of everything in slowmotion, I felt all of the weight come off my wrist, someone else telling me it's going to be ok. Very carefully these people had brung me out of the car reck and taped my up to a board, to support my neck. I let them do what they needed, poking needles and touching my wrist, without any trouble. I was loaded into one of the ambulances 5 minutes after I was taken out of the car reck. In the ambulance I was hooked up to a breathing machine and was checked over once last time.
"Sweetie, by the way your wrist looks, we think it might be broken" the ambulance person says as she rubs my hair. A tear slips down my cheek and a few more come down. The women is trying to calm me down but I can't, I'm just worried about my mum and that's it.
"I...s my o.k?" I ask, stuttering from my crying.
"Our job is to worry about you, not your mother, I'm sure she is fine!" she says as she adjusted my breathing mask.

The ambulance was stopped and I was unloaded. Alot of people surrounded me and was shouting commands, I am rolled into a room where they set up all these other machines, I hear beeping and it calms me. I am put onto another breathing mask, thing. And there are multiple people doing different things, one person is putting a brace of my wrist and one it fixing the cut on my head. The other one is making me calm and her telling me relax.
"We will take you for an x-ray once it is free, but for now ill put on this support to stop you from moving it!" the nurse, who is fixing my wrist, says as she tapes on the last bit of the support. I nod, as I'm nodding my eyes seem to become heavy and I close my eyes, letting sleep take me away....
Hello! OK so next Chaper it will be a different person Point of veiw! What I will do is at the top, I will put a picture of the person who is telling the story. So you will get to see all of the characters. I will also put at the top, what character and a bit about them! Hope you like this story so far! And I will see you soon - PurpleSlothStories❤️

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