Chapter one and two

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Chapter 1

I am not normal. I am not human. I am not "good." I am Evil in every sense of the word. So why do these feelings always seem to be good? The feeling of wanting to save someone so bad, it would haunt you for the rest of your life. So why her?She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Remembering her beauty was painful, for the memories came with that image. The memory of the last time I saw her, the last time we ever touched... The pain! It was worst then dieing and coming back to life! How I missed her. But I am a monster, never to feel love or pain. We must be strong! The humans hunt us, so we must be strong and not fall for their tricks. Love was a human trick, ment to lure us in to kill us in the end. Why was I so weak?

My thoughts were scrambled from all the recent events. I refused to show weakness to my friends, so I keep it in deep in my heart. To be weak, means your as good as dead. I stood up from my chair to see kaylin walking towards me. She was quite stunning herself, wearing the human clothing that almost seemed slutty. Her blonde hair went way past her waist( which was perfectly curved). She wore a skin tight dress that highlighted her stunning legs. She was supermodle perfect, but she was nothing more then a friend. "What up Tilly? You going to the party with us?" Crap, I had completely forgoten about that. " Um maby later, I have things I have to take care of."

" You always have things to 'take care of', take a night off from 'things' and hang out!" shit! Why was I supposed to deal with this shit. Humans could be such a fucking waste of time. Sighing deeply I agreed to go to the party.

Chapter 2

As we entered the house we couldn't hear anything other then the bass of the song and the smell of achol. Humans were everywhere, dunk, confused, or just hopeing to be lucky. Humans were so easy to please it was almost sad that they are responsible for my kind's almost extiction. As Kaylin and I walked through the door we were greeted by two guys who were beyond drunk. I smiled at myself and reached for the guy closest to me. " hey, I'm tilly. Wana show me around?" blushing he agreed and took me upstairs. " up here is where they keep the bedrooms" he said," all of them are taken except for my room, wanna come in?" smileing I grab his arm and we both enter the room.

"So what was your name again?" I ask while laying myself on his bed. "I-I'm Jason. Um if you want we could, um, get to know each other better?" he asked sheepishly. This was always so easy! Give them a little of what they want and they are all yours! Takeing this humans life was going to be fun. I get up and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his head down to mine. Our lips meet and he shivers with pleaser, pulling me even closer to him. As our kiss intensifies, his hand travels up my shirt to my bra. I hear a click and he pulls my bra out of my shirt. Exploring my front he takes of my shirt. As he pulled out of the kiss, he looks down at my half naked body. I look him in the eyes and smile, reaching down to the bottem of his shirt. In one quick movement I had his shirt off and thrown to the side. Suddenly he pushes me onto the bed and soon he fell on top pressing his lips to mine again. He licks across my lip and I open my mouth, intensifing our kiss. He reaches down and slowly unzips my pants pulling them down and off my body. I was completly exposed and all that was left was the finish. I break the kiss this time giving him the most wicked smile. A shocked expression crosses his face as my back convulses. A pair of black wings sprout from my back as my eyes turn all black. My teeth and nails become extremely sharp, sharp enough to kill. I wrap us both in my wings and slowly lick his neck, teasing him. "P-Please D-D-Don't! Get away! Please..." I softly kiss his neck, creeping up to his ear I wisper softly,"It was nice to meet you Jason." and with a smile on my face I slice his neck, feasting on his life. As an angel of darkness, I must hunt humans...

Leaveing his dead body there, I go looking for Kaylin who is probily drunker then shit. I look around to see people sleeping on the floor and passed out in the corner was Kaylin. I walk over to her, almost tempted to take her life as well, and shook her makeing her wake up. She took one look at me and smiled. She reached up and kissed me, makeing my hairs go on end. She soon got up and I had to help her to my car. The drive home was quite, but that was okay. I really didn't want to hear Kaylin talk. Why was I friends with her in the first place? Why didn't I just kill her, like I did with that human boy upstairs? Was it because of... That girl? Have I grown so weak that i won't hurt certain humans? Sighing deeply I pull our car up at our apartment. Picking up Kaylin was easy, but because she is twice my size, I had to act like she was heavy. You see for the past four years I have been living with Kaylin as a coverup, hideing from the angels. The angels are the group of humans who believe that we are evil and hunt us. Everyday more of us die and we continue to kill them. They have their tricks, and we have our looks. Both ment to draw in the enimy to kill.

I dreamt of her again that night. I saw her face, the face that seemed to always be cring. God how I miss her! I miss her silky black hair that was softer then my wings, her skin that was just as soft. I loved the way that she could always have a smile for me, even when it was death that stared her down. Those memories should always be locked up, never to be seen by the enimy. Because once they see my weakness, I'm dead.

I woke up to my full form, glad that I had put a lock on my door. Getting up I hug myself with my wings blocking the frost bitten air. Walking over to my closit I put on a simple t-shirt and jeans, making sure to put on a warm jacket. I started to walk to the bathroom when I heard the doorknob on my door move. Turning around I walk over towards the door reaching for the doorknob slowly. "Come out! We know what you are, come out peacfully and we might not hurt you." shit! I run to the window, opening it as fast as I could, I tumbled out spreading out my wings to fly. I chain comes flying at me hitting my wing causeing me to lurch into the building. Hitting the brick wall made my vision go blurry, falling to the ground three stories up.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey everyone!!!! Please comment, vote, and enjoy :) i will try to update every week but if I can't that just meens that it's gonna be a big chapter! COMMENT!!!!! PLEASE!!! Don't make me cry ;_;

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