Chapter 13

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(Brendon's POV)

It was the last show of this tour and I was gonna make it count, whether or not Dallon wanted to be a whiny bitch. I didn't even do anything, which is what's confusing me the most. I would get it if I like told him I suddenly want nothing to do with him but that's far from the case. Whatever. It went really smoothly, in fact.

I was buzzed so I felt good and I was acting myself. I just ignored Dallon the whole time. I tried shooting him a few smiles, but he just stared at me so like okay I guess. I mostly interacted with Mike and Dan, who happily played along and laughed and joked with me. It just would have been more fun with Dallon is all.

After the show I patted everyone on the back, but when I touched Dallon he quickly whipped around and gave me a nasty look. "Please don't touch me." He says and I frown. "Dude what the fuck did I even do?" I ask and he rolls his eyes. "Suddenly you were all "oh I'm so sorry Sarah I love you I regret this blah blah blah". It really seems like you wish we never happened." He says and I genuinely was shocked. "I was apologizing! Dude I feel like that's the right thing to do after you, I don't know, break someone's heart." I say. "It just made me feel like I was a mistake to you." He says and I sigh.

"Dallon if that was the case I would've begged her to take me back, I didn't." I say. "Or maybe you didn't because you knew she wouldn't." Dallon snarls. "Find it funny that she meant nothing when you were begging me to fuck you." He says again, more harshness to his words. "I'm gonna..go." I hear Mike say but I ignore him. "What the fuck?! Can you stop acting like a child?" I say. "No! Fuck you, who says you wouldn't cheat on me too hm?" Dallon says and I wanted to cry.

"Can you guys stop fighting for like 2 seconds? We're going to a nice restaurant to celebrate and you guys better fucking behave or so help me." Zack says. "When will you realize it was always you? I only ever wanted you. Not Sarah not anyone else. You, Dallon. Goddamnit." I say and when he doesn't say anything I just shove past him as I wipe at the tears burning down my face. He always has to do this. He overthinks everything and then he doesn't fucking listen to me. Never does. Why would he?

The dinner was awkward. I tried so hard not to look at Dallon. He was dressed all fancy in a nice white button up, black pants, a white and a suit jacket and he just looked really pretty.

Brendon: I know you're mad at me but you look really nice Dallon, you're pretty

Dallon: eat your food Brendon.

Brendon: I mean it, you look gorgeous ok? You can pout but you look prettier with a smile on your face

Dallon: I said eat.

I pocket my phone and I glance up at Dallon to see him looking at me, a look in his eyes I couldn't describe. Confusion? Maybe still slight anger? I couldn't tell. I wanted to smile but that might piss him off. All well. I smile softly at him and he rolls his eyes and I could tell he was fighting off a smile as he looked back down at his food. I lean over to mike and nudge him. "You got a pen?" I whisper. "Yeah why?" He asks while putting his fork down. "May I borrow it?" I whisper and he nods and reaches into his pocket and hands it to me.

"Thanks man I owe you." I say and he gives me a weird look. "All you owe me is giving it back B. Don't worry about it." He says and I nod as I grab an unused napkin, and start writing on it, before sliding it under the table and kick Dallons foot.

"You really do look handsome, don't hold back your smile, it's pretty"

"Shut up"

"Make me"

"Fuck You"

"Oh yes sir please ;)"

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