*2* - Theres a possibility...I want you back.

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Chapter 2

I stood there for only knows how long just staring at the impossibility of Julien standing there on my door step in Milan! I was completely at a loss for words, I hadnt seen Julien since graduation, nor have I talked to him since that dreadful day I had broken up with him. How did he even find me?

"Arent you going to invite me in?" He asked with hope in his eyes.

Still in a daze I stepped back and let him through. I closed the door quietly behind me, still trying to wrap my head around all of it. I turned around looking at Julien standing in the middle of my living room he seemed so out of place, he didnt belong here.

"What are you doing here?" I asked and it was hard for me to keep the ice out of my voice.

"Milan or your apartment?" He asked with amusement clear in his voice while he looked at the pictures I had arranged on one of my shelves on the wall and when he looked up and saw that I was not amused the smile fell from his face. "I needed to see you and Im not exactly sure either why Im here, I guessed I missed you" I couldnt help the anger rising up in me.

"Are you serious?! You missed me you didnt seem to miss me 3 years ago when we broke up. You cant just want me now. Not when a lot of things have changed!" I felt a stab in my stomach when I saw hurt flash across his eyes, but I pushed it away, because he was the one who cheated and he was the one who didnt fight for me.

He came and stood right infront of me and he smelled exactly the same as he had three years ago, I felt my breath hitch as he lightly touch the back of my hand. "How did you find me?" I breathed in a whisper.

"Your brother told me" Of course Luca had told him, he is still the biggest idiot I have ever known. I stepped back from him and crossed my arms across my chest.

"Did he also tell you that I have a boyfriend and that Iam quite happy with how my life is going at the moment? Or did he leave that small detail out?" I said my voice heaving with sarcasm and annoyance at both my brother and the boy infront of me.

He didnt say anything for a while, and he just stood there looking into my eyes. I tried to decifer and emotion he was feeling by looking straight back into his eyes but all I reieved was a dark void. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and gave a small jump at the sudden noise piercing through the silent appartment. I walked over and opened the door to find Jake standing there looking all handsome. I had completely forgotten about our date tonight. And by the look on his face I could tell he wasnt happy to see Julien standing behind me in the living room.

"Hey" I said and leaned in to give him a kiss on the lips.

"Hey" Jake said hesitantly and moved slowly into the apartment. "Whos this then?" He asked casually motioning towards Julien.

"Oh, this is Julien...an old...friend from high school. He came to visit and he was just leaving" I said while I watched the two boys exhange guarded looks. And Jake being the gentlemen he is, moved towards Julien and and shook his hand while introducing himself.

"Yes, well I think I shall be leaving now. It was nice to meet you Jake and It was nice seeing you again Larissa" I gave him a slight nod and then he let himself out, the door closing with a clearly audible bang.


After Jake had dropped me back off at my appartment, I quickly dashed for the phone and dialed my brothers number. I didnt care whether I would be waking him up in the middle of the night or morning. After four rings a girly voice answered the phone, great another one of his weekly sluts.

"Hello, Lucas phone" I rolled my eyes at her annoyingly high pitched voice.

"Would you put Luca on the phone?" I said not bothering to cover the annoyance and anger in my voice. I heard a swoosh of air and my brother was on the phone.


"What the hell were you thinking giving Julien, Julien! My goddamn address?!" I yelled into the phone.

"Woah, Larissa calm down, alright? He asked, I felt bad for him and I was a bit drunk so I gave the address to you. He only said he wanted to write to you to see how you were going" He said, and I could hear the genuine innocence in his voice, but I didnt care.

"Write?! He bloody showed up on my door step tonight and the worse thing was, that Jake came over and saw him standing in my living room! Ugh, god Luca can you not do anything right?!" I kept yelling at my brother, but really I knew I should have been yelling at Julien or myself for letting him inside my appartment.

"Well Im sorry Larissa I didnt mean to fuck up like I always do" His voice was thick with sarcasm and I began to feel really guilty, it wasnt Lucas fault that Julien says one thing and does another, like he always does.

"I have to go, bye" Luca said in a tired voice and then the line ended.

I threw the phone across the living room and it hit one of the walls, bracking in three pieces and clattering to the floor. But I didnt care, great now my brother hates me, and its all because of my idiot ex boyfriend who is deluded into thinking that we are getting back together. Ugh, this cannot be happening, I have so much to worry about and I do not need this piled on top of it. I flug myself on the couch and let out a frustrated sigh. I needed to do something to calm my mind down. I leaned forward to grab one of the vogue magazines on the coffee table. Thats when I saw a small square piece of paper, I grabbed it and saw that it was written in Juliens hand writting.

Im staying at the Westin Palace visit me or call me 555 678 837

Ugh, I cant believe he actually expects me to call him let alone visit him. I scrunched the square into a ball and lunged it across the room. Still pretty pissed off and a bit agitated I decided to go to bed. Maybe he wont come back or maybe he has given up after seeing Jake. Yer, that was a long shot.

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