Chapter Seventeen- My Trust

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Her voice.

Her scent.

The reason why can I see my used-to-be sister in her....

Is because she is none other than Rachelle herself.

The melody ended and she spoke.

"I can't take to say another lie to him anymore..." She cried.

I knew it.

"Rachelle." There's one way to make sure that my suspicions were all right.

I sauntered closer to her and pulled her right hand. Her fist was balled. But I saw that small detail I need to see. I am right.

Her head turned down but I can feel that she's looking at me under her lashes to check my face.

"How can you do this to me?" Why does it have to be Rachelle? "I trusted you... With everything... My secrets, my deep thoughts about when my sister left... Even my heart!" It hurts me so bad.

"I-i-i'm sorry." She stuttered. My mind ruminated over the old images of her playing on my mind. I saw the fearful Rachelle.

"I believed everything you said. Every fucking lie you told me! Damn it Rachelle! You fooled me! Are you happy now?!" My heart felt like it shattered into bits. I am not mad but all my emotions burst out in pain.

"You know I suffered... For two damn years I am bullied and humiliated by your so called friends but you didn't do anything about it! You even jammed in with their deafening laughter! Now, you're asking me if i'm happy? Do I look happy? Damn it Trent! No I am not happy with what the hell is happening. Actually, I should be. But no! I kept asking myself on why does doing revenge to those people who hurt me doesn't feel right. Specially to you.."

Those words hit me like a bullet, cuts me like knives.. She's been hurt by me and my friends... I felt a sudden twinge of guilt inside me.

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