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Yuna left not too long afterwards, and she was generous enough to keep the candles lit up for her. Still, that did Ryujin no good. Candles didn't stop the anxiety she was beginning to feel, candles didn't help her stomach feel any better, candles didn't give her answers, candles didn't get her back home to her mom.

Ryujin stayed in the same spot, propped against the wall. She had an opened bottle of the sauce by her side from when she chugged it after Yuna left in a fit of anxiousness and stress. The salty goodness that was sure to make her head explode comforted her and she was able to think more rationally.

She could call her mom! But after patting herself down and exploring the room, she only found a small empty table aside from the long ones along the walls decorated with candles, a bed in the corner that looked too comfortable to be in a basement, and a couple of magazines about the hottest new idols. No phone. So she couldn't call her mom nor the cops, great.

So she sat back down on the floor, suspicious of the bed she had. She could set the bed on fire and force them to open the door and let her out, but there's no guarantee they'd be able to smell the smoke and know where it's coming from before Ryujin suffocated on the smoke.

Yelling would do absolutely no help. Ryujin didn't know got to pick a lock, nor did she have anything to pick a lock with. If she injured herself badly enough to need to go to the hospital, they probably wouldn't take her. Everybody was easily a head taller than her, and she was only kind of strong. If she could take out Yuna, there would be buff guards that would handle her. And she felt like she needed to be on Yuna's good side. She's not entirely sure why, though.

Why was she even there?

The sound of the heavy, iron door opening caught her attention, and she looked up only to squint her eyes until it shut again. The smell of spicy food infiltrated her nose, and she felt her stomach growl.

"Knock, knock!" Yuna's voice was heard, way too bright and cheery for the situation.

Yuna moved a few candles out the way on the table closest to Ryujin, and that's when the latter noticed her outfit. It wasn't the normal bright, colorful clothing Yuna clearly favored. It was a dark colored dress, which Yuna looked pretty in obviously, but was a stark contrast to what she usually wore.

"I made you some stir-fry, but it may be a little too spicy. So I apologize," Yuna said while smiling, as if everything was normal.

To say Ryujin didn't care would be a lie, because she was a little hungry. Just a little. But she'd rather eat at home than a basement of some undisclosed location.

Oh god, what if she's overseas?!

"How do I know it's not poisoned?"

Yuna sent Ryujin a smile that was supposed to be reassuring, but how could Ryujin even be assured she was safe in the first place? "I promise you it's not poisoned. Why would we kidnap you only to kill you? That makes no sense."

Still, Ryujin couldn't trust her. She hummed and opened a bottle of soy sauce, tilting her head back to prepare to drink her worries awa—

Yuna grabbed the bottle of sauce from Ryujin's hand, causing some to drip on her hand and shirt. "What are you doing?"

"Um, drinking?" Ryujin replied, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You need to stop, or else you'll have high blood salt!"

Ryujin opened her mouth to argue, only to frown in confusion at what the other just said. "Blood salt?"

"Yeah, like high blood sugar, but with salt, you know?"

No, she doesn't know. "You mean high blood pressure?"

"Same difference. We can't have you dying of an aneurism while being held captive. I need you ali—we need you alive."

Ryujin paid no attention to the slip-up, having stood and was reaching for her beloved drink-sauce. But Yuna was literally a giant, how is she so tall? Was she addicted to milk and vegetables or something? Did she eat the crust off her bread? Ryujin never believed her mother when she said that, but if Yuna did she was living proof of it working, and maybe she should've listened—

"I won't die from that, don't worry your pretty head over it. Besides, I've got the low sodium kind."

"Low sodium doesn't mean no sodium."

"'Low sodium doesn't mean no sodium,'" Ryujin mocked with a roll of her eyes. "You sound like my mom."

"She's intelligent, then."

"Except you're worse cause 'blood salt'?" Ryujin couldn't help but grin.

Yuna's cheeks grew noticeably red as she raised the bottle higher out of the other's reach. "I couldn't think of the right word at the time."

"Uh huh, sure. Look, just give me my soy sauce and I promise I won't overdose and have my blood salt spike through the roof."

After a moment of consideration, Yuna lowered the bottle and Ryujin snatched it out of her hand.

"Thanks." With that, Ryujin began actually drinking her beloved sauce like her initial plan, ignoring the grimace Yuna sent her way.

"Still, you might get sick off of that," Yuna said, as if Ryujin cared.

"Yeah, yeah, just give me the rancid stir-fry and leave me be."

lmao i literally forgot this fic existed yee! but it's a good thing i pre-write my chapters for whenever that happens. but i literally only do it for this story cause i somehow don't lose motivation for itzy stories and iSTG IF MY NEIGHBOR DOESN'T SHUT UP SOUNDING LIKE A STAMPEDE OF ELEPHANTS ARE RUNNING AROUND HER APARTMENT, GOD I DISLIKE MY NEIGHBORS SO MUCH THEY WON'T SIT DOWN AND SHUT UPPPPP

anyways, how does a jyp nation au sound? there's like barely any plot so far, but i've written the prologue and i'm starting on the first chapter now while blatantly ignoring all of my other works :D

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