the two princes set off to find their maidens

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It wasn't long before I had finished up with Prince Lokis armor, we had a small conversation here and there as I fixed his raven inky hair and eventually placed the large golden helmet with horns protruding from it upon his head. He smirked down at me in a teasing manner which made me suddenly nervous and unsure, they didn't call him the god of mischief for nothing that's for sure.

He seemed to be much more relaxed in my presence so I hoped that I had done something right for him to feel calmer. He wasn't as snappy as he had been and we had both silently agreed not to speak of that fateful night. Or at least I hope he would not bring it up again. I felt an urge that I could trust him, behind that facade held something.. something that didn't show any signs of him telling any others about that night he had come across me when injured. He helped me, but I couldn't bring myself to explain what had happened. I am a maid, he a prince, what transpired with him even remotely aiding me was not supposed to have happened.

I knew briefly that the prince had also dabbled in magic so I presume magic users must stick together. Or I hoped they would, but alas I am but a maid in this castle of royals. I am a mere speck in all the nine realms and I was to be obedient when spoken to and to follow orders when given. I bit back a sigh as we silently traveled down the golden halls to the throne room where the magnificent ball would be held for the fair maidens to attend. 

Loki was unsure, his thoughts were racing about in his mind. He didn't like the idea of Odin setting up all of the maidens from different realms for him to pick and choose from not as much as Thor enjoyed the aspect as well as Frandal. He paid little mind to the maid trailing silently behind him as he neared the golden doors decorated in different carvings around the frame. "I wish you the best of luck prince Loki" he heard her blurt out from behind him causing him to turn and smirk "I do not need it" he said cockily and she scoffed which widened his grin.

he had taken a fair liking to his second maid, Megan, but chose, of course, to never utter the words aloud. He was awestruck from the events of last night and was determined to find more about the maiden that cleaned and kept up after him. Though she seemed to cut off from him, protecting and shielding herself from the questions he asked or places he prodded to get reactions. He knew a maid that withheld magic was forbidden in the palace so chose to keep his mouth closed for her sake. But he was still fuming over the lashes she had on her back the previous night. He had would have asked Rosie but she had fallen asleep before he had the chance to do so. 

The mere aspect that he could even think about the small maid behind him vexed him to no end. He had many questions for her such as how her abilities succeeded, her origins of magic and what she could possibly learn from him. But his mind focused back onto one thought. She was a maid

The word left a bitter taste, she was below him. Left to his bidding and to his tasks, he scoffed at the thought of her then with that he was entering the large cascading golden hall filled with guests of all kinds. Glancing around Loki took no particular interest in any of the guests, as usual, he hated the events his father would set up as he was in no hurry to find a maiden to court. But his father merely focused on the marriage half of the event and wanted his sons to find someone each that they would cherish and rule with. His mother found pleasure in the thought of her sons finding their other half as well but wasn't fond of the thought of the events all that much.

Upon gazing upon the room he found a long table to one side of the room filled with deserts and other meals laid out with goblets filled with ales and wines. The pillars, of course, lined the halls were guards heavily armed in golden armor stood, maids, lined the walls waiting for their next tasks as one or two maids were sent to refill goblets. 

There were maidens scattered throughout the center of the floor as well as some other men such as Frandal and Thor that walked around courting women by kissing their knuckles until their cheeks turned a rosy shade. Loki grimaced at the thought of having to go forth and find someone to suit him. That is until a red-haired woman caught his eye briefly, her skin tone was a golden shade with freckles speckled across her face. Her eyes were a shiny blue and her hair fiery ginger and maroon clash as it flowed in curls down her back. She wore a blue dress that flowed to her feet outlining her curves. She smirked and twirled a strand of her hair when Loki's emerald eyes met her blue ones. 

Loki gulped out of nervousness and tugged on a piece of armor and looked to Megan who looked around with a sense of longing which made him frown. He stalked over to her and she met his eyes abruptly "prince Loki, is there something I can do for you?" she asked innocently. "yes, follow me" he said and she nodded and followed him as he made his way through the people and she daintily missed a flail of arms as they spread out as a gesture. She ducked nearly cursing under her breath as they moved to the back where Loki approached the maiden who had caught his eyes.

"Prince Loki" she said shyly but instantly Megan could tell her fake innocence lacked a sense of realism, she reminded her of a jewel. Pretty to gaze upon but in reality half of them were fake. Just like this one. She noticed Loki was quite nervous the thought of her falling for the woman before they,  made her stomach churn uncomfortably. Surely he could do better, she thought.

"it is a pleasure to meet you..." he trailed off taking her hand gently laying a kiss upon her knuckles as she blushed "Sigyn, lady Sigyn" she filled in albeit cockily as if boasting her name. "a beautiful name" Loki finished dropping her hand carefully, Behind him Megan stood trying to compose herself as her fists clenched unconsciously.  "ehm, who is this?" Sigyn cleared her throat looking past Lokis shoulder to Megan who hadn't expected herself to be dragged in. Now that she thought about it she wondered why the prince had even brought her along. 

"ah this is my maid, Megan, she is a personal maid here to serve either of us whenever need be" Loki said looking to Megan who stilled under both of their gazes. She felt tiny like a mere mouse trapped in a mansion filled with felines left and right, eyeing her movements while she felt out of place. "right, well, could you be a dear and have this filled for me right away?" Sigyn said shoving the half-empty goblet into the maid's palms, clearly, her objective was to get Megan away from the two but the way she went about doing it was brash.

Megan bit her tongue harshly fighting off the vulgar comments she would have loved to shove into Sigyns fake smile. "of course Lady Sigyn" Megan said bowing while gritting her teeth, she turned on her heel as the two piped up the conversation. Quietly she filled the goblet and made her way back to the two handing Sigyn the cup filled with the wine it was previously filled with.

She waited patiently for the two to finish up before handing Sigyn the goblet and was a bit taken aback when Sigyn looked down at her drink and scoffed. "what kind of maid are you?" She sneered and Megan's eyes went wide and Loki frowned "This is not the wine I asked for" she hissed and Megan's brows furrowed. "You had not specified the drink miss," Megan said softly "and now you're calling me a liar?!" Sigyn yelled. The room was growing quiet and Megan felt her cheeks warm with embarrassment, her hands began to shake "no miss" she said quickly "such a defiant maid! you should be punished" Sigyn demanded and looked to Loki who had no say in the matter. "well?" She snapped expectantly at a wide-eyed Loki, he was so put on the spot he looked back at Megan then to Sigyn. 

"well what do you suggest?" he asked Sigyn and Megan felt a pang of hurt. She hadn't intended to muddle up the request but she could not for the life of her remember Sigyn ever specifying the wine type. She felt a small headache forming just from forcefully trying to think back on the moment but still was clueless. A sinister smirk took Sigyns features and she looked back to Megan staring her dead in the eye "she should be tied out in the stables with the other disobedient maids"

Megan's eyes widened at the thought and before she could squeak anything out Loki looked at Sigyn and nodded "guards!" he called and didn't look back as Megan was yelling out to him that she hadn't done anything wrong. The last thing she saw before embarrassingly being dragged from the ballroom was Sigyns sinister grin as she watched the small maid being roughly dragged by the arms out of the golden room.

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