Its About To Go Down

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I saw the car pull up slowly and I waited moving around I needed to see the car completely. She opened the door and got out looking around . It partially still dark, but the sun was creeping through the trees so I could see everything I needed to see, but she couldn't.
The gun I stole off dude only had two bullets in the chamber, so as I made my way out the old mill I had it pointing at her.
"Reminisce" I said as she turned she jumped afraid.
"Dre what the hell are you going to shoot me after you asked me to come get you"?
Close enough to her I grabbed her by the arm "open the trunk".
I kept the gun pointed as she and I went around to the back of the car. She popped the trunk and it was empty . Looking in the back seat I saw no one I slowly put my gun down and she walked over to me.
"Are you okay you look bad"?
I chuckled I couldn't laugh because my inside were hurting like hell from the beating and all the walking.
"I'm fine Remi thank you for coming to get me" she helped me in the car and when she got in on the driver side she replied "I don't know why I did".
"Because you still care that's why".
She started the car and replied "I don't know where your daughter is Dre. In all honest I know nothing all Rodney said was that he handled you".
I laughed now was the time for me to tell Remi the truth.
"When I first met you pumping gas I thought you was so gorgeous I just had to get to know you. Then I saw you again when you bumped into me Rodney was in the gas station as well. I heard him talking to his boys as you were walking in on how he was goin to bag the new girl fuck her and have bragging rights on your pussy. When you showed up to my crib with him by your side that's why I was mad because I thought he had taken advantage of you and got what he set out to do. I really like you Remi and as fucked up as I am I care to much about you to see you go out sad with this little nigga".
        "Can I believe you"? I sigh as she asked me that.
"Baby I put that on my child... damn I hope my baby is okay".
Remi replied "I'll get answers he should be at school today. The other day he told me he had to move something maybe he was moving your daughter somewhere".
I rubbed my hands together "in the next hour or so he's going to find out I'm gone and he's going to be on your ass . You gotta make it as though you don't know shit alright . I got a hideaway in downtown I'll stay there until you or me find out the answers I need okay"?
      She nods her head and drives me to my hideout. Parking a  block away I opened the door to get out when she stops me.
"Dre Wait"...
"What"? I said turning back around to her.
She leans in and kisses me passionately we hadn't shared a kiss like this in a long time, and I honestly missed it. Her kisses just gave me that feeling like this was someone that cared about me, and someone I to cared about.
      Parting lips the words "be careful" left her lips.
"I gotchu". 

     "Ro I'm on the plane right now relax" I said on the phone .
"What if he comes back... I don't even know if he saw me, but what if he did"?
"Baby you gotta relax how do you think he knew where you were going"?
She was quiet and then said "unless he went by my job again. I didn't tell them where I was going though I just told them I was going on a vacation".
       Cre thought about it "he must've broke into your office or something".
"I did order the tickets off my work computer oh my God Cre".
"Me and the fellas are on the way. Dallas and Corey should be there before me. I had to wait till Rj got home to have someone to watch the twins".
"Cre baby just hurry and get here please I just got room service sent up and I didn't even order room service and on the tray are the exact flowers he sent to my job. He knows I'm here and my room number hurry"!!!

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