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(ethan's pov)

"4+8," June said, turning from the coffee table. I put my phone down on the couch and looked down at her. "10?" She asked. I shook my head.

"Not 10," I said. She went back to her homework. I leaned forward to look over her shoulder. "Not 13, either, princess," I said. She sighed and leaned her face on her palm. I shook her shoulder.

"I need help," She said. I chuckled and she turned around to face me. "What's 4+8?" She asked. I looked down at the 6-year-old and smiled.

"Count with your fingers, angel," Y/N said from the kitchen. I nodded as June began to count with her fingers. "Start at 8 and count four fingers." Y/N said. June nodded to herself and counted.

"12?" She asked. I nodded. "That means I'm done!" She shouted, scribbling a 12 on the line. She closed her folder and put her pencil in her pencil case. She looked back at me and I raised her eyebrows.

"Why don't you put that in your backpack for tomorrow," I suggested. June shrugged and crawled onto my leg. I smiled. "Whatcha gonna do now?" I asked her as I heard feet pounding down the stairs. We turned to see June's brother running into the kitchen.

"Mom, I need money for a field trip," Sean said. June giggled and I tickled her.

"Ask dad," I heard y/n say. I smiled to myself as June climbed out of my lap to put her folder in her bag.

"Dad, I need money for a field trip," Sean said coming into the family room. I smiled and shrugged.

"Ask mom," I said. He groaned. "What happened to your allowance?" I asked. He bit back a smile.

"I bought a slushie yesterday," He said. I chuckled, pointing to my wallet on the kitchen counter. "Thanks, dad," He said, taking a five-dollar bill and running back up the stairs.

June came back into the kitchen, all cleaned up. "Daddy, do you know how to play slide?" She asked. I pretended to think.

"Hmm... I don't think I do." I said. Her eyes lit up as she came and sat next to me on the couch. "Wanna teach me?" I asked. She nodded eagerly.

"Jacob taught me how to play," She said. I raised my eyebrows at y/n, who walked into the family room to grab June's empty bowl of vegetables.

"Who's Jacob, honey?" Y/N asked. June turned to look at her.

"My friend at school, can he come for a play date soon?" She asked. Y/N smiled and nodded, looking over at me. I smirked.

"Is he a boy?" I asked, June. Y/N rolled her eyes and I chuckled. She grabbed my hands and began to teach me how to play the game.

"See, and then we count up," She said. I nodded as we played. When we got to four and June stopped playing.

"What's wrong princess, did I mess up?" I asked. She shook her head slowly and took my hand.

"What's that?" She asked, pointing to my palm. I chuckled. "Do you need to wash your hands?" She asked. I smiled.

"Those are tattoos, princess." She raised her eyebrows, and I nodded. "I let someone draw on me, it's forever," I said. Her eyes widened.

"Forever?" She asked. I nodded. "Let's go wash it off, it has to come off." She said, getting down and pulling on my arm. I chuckled and let her pull me into the kitchen.

"It's permanent, angel, you can't wash it off," I said. She pointed to the counter next to the sink and I lifted her up onto it. She took my hand and turned on the sink. "June," I said.

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