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I smiled happily as I assistance helping Margaret be ready for her betrothal ceremony to meet her betrothed, I was so happy for her
"Oh Margaret I im so happily for you I can't wait to see you as the Queen of Scotland!". I Announced, I'm now allowed to call Margaret by her given name as I'm to marry My Arthur, The Prince of Wales which makes me a Princess and a Tudor!
"I can't wait to meet my future husband and to be a mother of Kings!". Reply Margaret happily we both share happy looks as I help her put on her small gold crown on her thick rust-brown curls
"I'm only sad that you will not be at the wedding". I said Sadly I wanted to have Margaret to be present at my wedding
" Maybe I can ask Lord Father if we can have the wedding before I leave?". Reply Margaret
I smiled at her friend and soon do be sister law
It was early morning when my sister Elizabeth woke me up
"Jane!". Said Elizabeth happily as she help me up from my bed
"This your wedding!" Said Dorothy, my younger sister
I quickly got up from my warm bed to the bathing room where I shall be ready for my new life by my sisters and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as my mother sadly passed away a few years ago
Her Majesty was there sitting on a chair her long gold-red curls were in a low ponytail she wore a simple blue dress
"My dear Jane". Greeted Her Majesty
I smiled at her
"Your Majesty". I reply while custryed to her
"It is Elizabeth or Mother now". Said Mother as I chose to call her, Elizabeth has teated like her own daughter of the blood
I smiled at Elizabeth even though I adored her as my mother but it is painful calling anyone one but my lady mother
I flushed as I walked down the aisle were my beloved Arthur stood, his beautiful Auburn hair stood out against his golden crown it had the Tudor rose at the middle it
Arthur's beautiful blue eyes seem to brighten when he saw me
I noticed little Catherine sitting by Margaret who smiled at me
I smiled back at her
When I reach Arthur lend me his I took it happily.
I couldn't help but laugh as Catherine made a face to her new governess as her former one had sadly retired to the country with her family
"But My lady Princess you have to have your nap". Said Lady Tryan
I sighed as I watched Lady Tryan tried to get Catherine to take her nap.
"Lady Tryan leave the princess alone she does not need naps according to her old governess Her Highness Princess Catherine did not befit from them". Informed Margaret Beaufort, My lady the king's mother
I sighed in relief, I did not want to overstep my place for I was not a princess by the blood and could easily have my marriage annulled, I did not have a son in the cradle or have a babe in my womb yet
"Of course my lady". Reply Lady Tryan
I watched as Lady Trayn left my chambers without little Catherine
"Lady Tryan you forgot your charge!".I said unhappily
Catherine got to follow her governess as soon the two have left

"Did you do your duty?". Demanded My lady Margaret
I flushed at her answer
I meekly noded my head at her
"Good". Was all Lady Margaret said as she left me alone in my charmer soon my sisters Elizabeth and Dorothy entered
"Jane are you well?". Asked Elizabeth first, Elizabeth has always been the more bunt one of us Seymour girls 
"Yes, Eliza I'm just tired". Was all I said my words were true

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