It was hot...

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It was summer, fully summer. It was so hot and this made me very weak. I was sitting on the ground, on the warm sand of the shore: I looked at the ground, or rather I watched, I noticed the endless grains of sand and I wondered what the infinite was, the same thing I wondered raising my eyes to the turquoise sky, an immense expanse monochrome: the universe ... what is infinity? Perhaps my sadness, perhaps my condition of life ...
I looked away from the infinite that so much fell in my mind even for a short period of time; I looked at a group of girls and boys: they were so healthy, so beautiful, carefree and cheerful. It was hot and even in their minds it was the same ... I also felt warm but I didn't realize it. Suddenly I felt hungry and I was infinitely happy, an infinite happiness like grains of sand on the ground or like the universe; it was nice to feel an empty stomach, it made me feel thin and stronger than the guys I was watching. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned and saw my smiling mother hand me an apple, with the most fake smile ever seen I accepted ... as soon as I was alone I threw it in that immense expanse of water in front of me: why is important to eat if you can live without it? I thought. It was hot, everyone took refuge in the shade or threw themselves happily into the water. It was hot not only in the air but also in their souls; they were free as the gulls on that beach, so light as to fly in the air. I was not free. I was chained by the hardest chains to destroy, harder than any prison: the chains of my mind. It was hot and yet
I felt cold, not a cold material, but a cold coming from my soul, unlucky to be a prisoner of myself.

[I started today to write, it is my first time; obviously I will continue to write, I hope you like it and you will follow the story.]

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