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My dad was shipping me off to live with my god parents for a week. A week backbin my home town. Just one problem my god parents are the actually parents of my ex best friend.

"massie!" said kitty. Herreal name was Kathrine but everyone called her kitty. And then I saw Kurt behind her.

"guys it's so good to see you" I looked up againa and saw Joe. "Joe" i said noddding towards him.

Somehow I roped mysel into acolyting at my old church with Joe when they were short one so I became crucifer. Ivwas really ansy sitting next to Joe and when I was fidigty he bit me out onbit.

"chill" he said. He ignored me for te past few weeks an bow he can butt in and be like that. Ifelt tears brim my eyes I looked away and wiped them away. He was being my "brother again" screw him.

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