Oh sev-

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Billie's P.O.V:

Eyes full of lust. Licking his lips. Looking me up and down.

What the hell is wrong with him. A few hours ago he was all sad on the phone. Now he just wants to fuck?? Nah. He ain't getting nuna dis
*mhmm tell em Billie*

Q: "oh mamas u so fine"

"Yuh um I know that but get urself together"

He got closer and moved his hand to my hair, tucking it behind my ear.

He has to stop right now or I swear I'll back hand slap dis man. *savage*

Q: "c'mon Billie just let me have some.. you know you wanna let me"

I could feel his hand slowly travelling down to my chest.. he massaged my right boob *i feel weird saying that*, moving it slightly up and down, hard enough for me to let out small very quiet moans..

"Brandon.. stop"

I whispered.

Q: "I missed you baby.. I missed your taste.."

Jesus he really knows how to- no. Dignity woman. Please.

"N-no.. stop."

I pushed him away once again but he kept coming back. He won't stop. He wants a lot more. I don't fucking know what to do. How to get him away. To stop..

Q: "Billie I can make you happy again.."

He started taking off the cardigan I had on.. he didn't even notice that it was his. That hurts.

*pretend she's wearing a shirt not hoodie*

"You didn't even realise.."

Q: "what?"

"Never mind. Just stop. I don't want to do this"

Q: "oh but mamas I do. I really do. Just.. forget about everything else. Be in this moment. With me."

That does sound nice. No one else. Nothing to stress about. Zero problems..

Harry Potter joke for yall lol:

"If you have quidditch problems I feel bad for ya son.. I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one"
I'm sorry lol

"Brandon please.. just. Listen to me."

Q: "no I've had enough listening to you.. it's time you listen to daddy"

I really don't want to-

He lifted my shirt up, tracing my stomach up to my chest, where he slowly unclipped my bra and took off my shirt.

My HuGe breasts were exposed and I don't think I'm comfortable with it at all..

He leaned in, planting soft kisses all of my neck down to my waist.

"Q.. please.. just let- let me go.."

I whimpered.

Q: "don't be sad mamas.. I'll make you feel better"

I just wanted to cry. Cry and cry until he finally stopped. But that wouldn't change anything.

He took me by the wrist and lead me to another room with a king sized bed which I'm pretty sure is his..

The room is so dark and sad looking. Like him.

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