Deep Love

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ok so this is part three, enjoy!



Those grey eyes belonged to the most angelic and godlike face that I've ever seen. It was a face I haven't seen in the school before so I was surprised that he knew my name. I bet we was new at school.

"Yes?" I answered dazed still looking into his eyes, THEY WERE SO ADDICTING!

"I need to talk to you in private please"

"Ok, I'll be right back Katie" I called out to her as I got up. she waved back at me and got back to talking with some girl named Sarah.

As I caught up with the godlike guy I looked over to the table with Jack and David and locked eyes with David. He looked jelouse and angry, I guess he saw me talking to the new guy.

I looked away and walked through the cafeteria doors, the new guy pulled me into a closet full of supplies and some cleaning stuff which I assumed was the Janitor's Closet. It was small and I could feel our breaths slightly mixing together.

"Ok, what did you call me out for" I said.

"You know how actions speak louder than words Rose?" he asked.

"Ya, why?"

"'cause I want you to feel this..."

Right after he said that his lips touched mine, I was shocked at first and just stood there, but I couldn't resist the softness of his lips and kissed him back. Our lips started moving in sync together, I could feel little fires everywhere he touched me.

His hands went up from my thighs to my waist and pulled me closer, at the same time I put my hands in his hair and pulled him closer. As if there was any more space between us. His tongue licked my lower lip and asked for entrance, which of course I let him in. His tongue roamed my mouth, as mine did the same. I pulled out for some air and could hear us both breathing heavily for oxygen.

Then I remembered that I was having a full make out session with some guy I didn't even know. I don't even know his name! As he pulled me in for more I put my hands on his chest, and pushed him gently.

"Wait I don't even know you or even your name, and how do you even know my name?"

"I'm actually new here but I was in your fourth period so I knew your name when the teacher called out role, oh and my name is Adam Kimerly. It's nice to meet you Rose"

"Oh". I said looking down at the ground, I couldn't believe I just made out with this guy when I loved David.

"I just couldn't resist you."he said

Suddenly I felt Adam's hand lift my chin up so I could look at his face, I used that advantage to to really look at him. He had curly chocolate brown hair, which felt nice in your hands. His grey eyes were amazing and beautiful, I could look at them all day and never get tired looking at them. He had a slight tan which was obviously natural. He was AMAZING!

Then I remembered David, I loved him but I felt something for Adam too. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

I was pulled out of my deep thoughts by Adam's lips on mine again, and I put my hands on his chest to push him off but couldn't resist the softness of his lips once again. It was amazing just like when I kissed David.

Our lips moved together in sync again, as his hands were at the hem of my shirt and he pulled my shirt off. I felt sadness when our lips parted, he threw my shirt on the ground and looked at my chest and a grin slipped onto his face and I blushed. I pulled his shirt off and was amazed by his body, he was well built and had a six pack. It seemed like he was glowing. We got back to kissing and my hands went down to his his belt and I started unbuckling it, I could feel his mouth going into a smile.

Just as he hand was at the zipper of my pants, we heard a jiggling of keys just outside os the closet. I heard Adam growl slightly before breaking off our kiss.

"Shit!" I whispered.

As fast as humanly possible we got dressed and started zipping our pants up, and the door opened. The janitor was there standing and looking at both of us suspiciously and glaring at both of us.

"What you two doing in here?" he asked.

"Um.....grabbing some things" I said nervously.

"Grabbing what, some Windex?" he asked.

"Well sorry to stop the conversation short" Adam said as he grabbed my hand, and both of us ran down the hall until we couldn't hear the janitor calling after us.

When we reached the corner, we both looked at each other just staring. Then suddenly we heard the bell ring and people started coming out of the cafeteria.

"Um Adam.... I don't know why that happened in there, but I actually love somebody already" I said not wanting to look at his eyes and looked at my shoes, which were old dirty Converse.

"Rose look at me" he said softly. I couldn't.

He lifted my chin up once again to look at him, his eyes were sad but he had a grin placed on his beautiful face. He then came close enough to his mouth was at my ear.

"I know you'll come back" his whisper sent shivers down my spine.

I opened my mouth to say something but he was already half way through the hall.


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