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"What's the big deal?" I asked Harry while Gemma made herself comfortable in the living room, accompanied by Eloise and a plate of breakfast food that I insisted she took. Currently, Harry was a nervous wreck who couldn't seem to stop pacing back and forth inside of his study, which I was honestly surprised to be in considering how often he made it clear that this was his personal room. I get it, but there didn't seem to be anything inside of it that would raise some red flags or anything like that, so what was the deal?

He stopped pacing long enough to form a complete sentence, "I haven't spoken to my sister since our mum died." I felt a sting when he said this, because I couldn't believe that I had forgotten about that. Harry had told me his mother was dead before but it was never discussed any further when he did tell me, or anytime after, and ever since then I've had some difficulty trying to process a lot of things that have been happening between us. I still didn't fully understand what it was, but it felt right.

I pursed my lips before replying with, "Oh."

I still had many questions about his sisters sudden appearance, but most of all I was curious as to what made the two break apart instead of come closer together after their tragic loss. If it were me and my sibling, I'd like to think that we would become inseparable after losing our mother, but my family was already broken from another tragedy, so we weren't really the best example of how a family should react. Regardless, I wanted Harry to understand that no matter what the reason for Gemma being here, I was going to stick by his side through it all. I personally wanted the two siblings to rekindle their relationship, especially now that I knew they were both without a mother and presumably a father, but I was frustrated because I still didn't know all of the details about their family.

Harry collapsed on the little loveseat by the window and put his face in his hands, shaking it side to side while he sighed in defeat, "It's been years. I...I don't understand why she would just fucking show up out of nowhere."

I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out, at least nothing that made sense anyway, and so I pressed my lips together in a tight line to pretend like I didn't even do anything in the first place. Inside, I felt a little defeated as well for seeing Harry like this and not knowing how to help, but the only thing that I could do was to comfort him with words and maybe some physical touch. I've done this before and it seemed to work enough to get him back on his feet, but I really didn't know if it actually helped him feel better in any way. I was never great at providing comfort to people, even ones that I cared about in the past, but somehow Eloise must have taught me how to open up a bit more, and how to show my feelings better. I guess it would be strange to admit that a child helped bring out the best in me, but that was just the truth in this case.

After debating on whether or not to go over to him on the couch, I found my feet carrying me over there anyway, and eventually I was sitting beside of him while putting one arm around him to start with. He didn't budge once my arm came in contact with his body, and not even when my hand started to rub his upper arm a little bit in a comforting way, which were both good signs. The last thing that I wanted to do was push any personal boundaries and make him feel uncomfortable around me, but so far it didn't seem like I was doing that.

I patted his arm a little when I felt ready to offer my input, "If you don't mind me asking, what exactly happened between the two of you?" I felt a little conflicted about asking my question, but I needed to understand the situation better in order to properly access it and help him out in his time of need.

Harry was unresponsive for a few exceedingly long seconds after I asked him that question, and if I didn't know any better then I'd say I might have properly fucked up by crossing a line. It was a personal question that clearly had some strong correlation with their mother's death, which was an unimaginable thing to go through I'd imagine, but I guess I was just hoping that he could pull through long enough to give me the answers that I desperately needed.

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