Chapter 12

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We finally got to school and my mom was already there waiting for me.

"How was your trip?" My mom asked.

"It was alright, I only got injured." Then my mom took a look at my leg and gasped.

"What happened? Are you alright? Do you want to see a doctor? Is it going to get infected? What if.." Then I interrupted her, "It's okay mom however can I miss school tomorrow?"

"Can you walk?" I nodded, "Kind of"

Then she laughed, "Then you are going to school!"

"Fine!" Then we got home and I went to my room. Then I layed on my bed and checked my phone.

I had notifications from Jin.

I sighed and opened them up.

"Did you get home safely?"

"Yes. Why?"

"About what happened earlier..."

"Don't worry, it was nothing. Just tell your girlfriend it was my fault, if that will make anything better."

"But the thing is..."

"Just forget about it."

Then I turned off my phone and went to sleep.

Jin's POV

I wanted to tell her I wanted to break up with Brielle but since she doesn't like me back, I guess I'll just stick to Brielle then.

At least Brielle likes me.

Brielle didn't talk to me again since that happened so I figured I should call her.

I had to call about five times but she finally picked up.

"Look, I'm sorry. It just happened, but don't worry it didn't mean anything to Soomin." I said.

"So you want me to just go back to you or something?" She asked.

"If you want, you don't have to."

"Whatever." She said and hung up.

I guess we are still dating since we haven't broken up.

But I'm still hurt that kiss meant absolutely nothing to Soomin.

Soomin POV

I woke up and walked slowly to the bathroom.

I don't want to see anyone from school, so why should I even go?

Then I thought about tricking my mom into thinking I am super sick.

So I washed my whole face with hot water so when you touch it it's burning hot.

Then I screamed, "Mom! I don't feel good."

She came to my room and washed my face with cold water.

"Mom... what are you doing?"

"You really think I don't know my daughter doesn't want to go to school today? Remember I gave birth to you."

I sighed and finished getting prepared to school. At least I tried.

We ate breakfast and left.

My mom now had to give me rides to school because of my leg, but I had to wake up earlier so my mom wouldn't be late to work.

I was the only one in school and I was a bit scared.

Then I felt footsteps coming towards me and I tried to run but I fell down.

"You little rat! You are going to pay for all this!" I looked to see who was talking to find Brielle with a knife in her hands.

I looked to see if anyone was around to help me but there was no one.

I started to talk to her.

"Look Brielle, you don't have to do this, Jin is all yours."

She came closer to me, and I was still on the floor.

"You want to steal him from me!"

Each time she came closer and closer.

"You know how much I worked for Jin to notice me. You think meeting him was a coincidence! No! I planned everything and I have been stalking him for 2 years now. And you dare come close to him when he's finally mine?"

I was crying thinking about everything I wanted to do before I died.

Then I felt hands picking me up.

"STOP BRIELLE!" It was Jin.

"No! Trust me this is better for us!" Then she came running towards me when two police officers got her and arrested her.

"You are underarrest for attempted murder!" Then they brought her inside the police car and I hugged Jin.

"Thank you so much!" I said still crying.

"Don't cry anymore, you are safe now. I'm sorry for putting you in danger."

I shook my head, "It wasn't your fault."

Then he helped me get to class and I asked him, "Did you hear what she said?"

He nodded, "I should have been more suspicious when she told me things about my life I hadn't told her. But I just ignored it thinking it was because I am famous."

I nodded and class started.
Writer's note:
Sorry for the short chapter! Hope you enjoyed it!💜

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