Sick's Escape: Part 2

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        Slick ran. When he looked back, he saw Dogma wasn’t using stun. He fired blaster bolts at the guards, who scattered, diving for cover. Dogma turned his back to the guards and ran.

        Tusker ran to a wall and fired on the guards while Dogma bolted past.

        Mav slid around the corner of Bric’s circular ship. The ship was ugly as its owner.

        Slick followed Mav to the ship, thankful for the cover. Mav was already trying to hotwire the door open.

        Dogma joined them but he leaned around the corner of the ship and began firing at the guards.

        A few seconds later, Tusker joined them, cradling one of his arms.

        “You okay?” Dogma leaned against the ship, taking cover from the blaster bolts sizzled through the rain.

        “I’ve had worse. Think I might have hurt one of the guards more than I wanted to.”

        Don’t worry about those brainwashed fools.” Mav made a face as he twisted two wires together. The ship’s ramp slammed into the ground.

        “In, in, in!” Dogma waited until last before charging into the ship, not a moment too soon. Guards fired at him as he came in. A blaster bolt grazed his armor.

        The four clones crammed themselves together in the ship. Mav sat in the pilot’s seat.

        “The kid flies?” Slick tried not to jostle Tusker’s injured arm in the tight space.

        “I can’t fly and Tusker needs medical treatment.” Dogma helped Tusker remove the armor from Tusker’s injured arm. “Not bad, the armor stopped most of it.”

        The ship took off, throwing Slick and Dogma to the floor. “Take it easy!” Tusker yelled at Mav.

        Mav glared at Tusker. “You couldn’t do any better.”

        The ship shot upward, throwing all three of the unrestrained clones in a heap against the back.

        Had Mav done it on purpose?

        An explosion rocked the ship. Mav dove, throwing the clones against yet another wall.

        Tusker crawled toward a restraining harness. “Artificial gravity would be nice.”

        “I’m working on the shields!” Slick heard the panic in Mav’s voice. The kid was doing the best he could. “Shields up.” The ship shot upward, slamming Slick against the floor. A few seconds later, the artificial gravity came on.

        Mav pressed a few more buttons and the ship jumped to light speed.

        Slick breathed a sigh of relief.

        “Can you get off me?”

        Slick climbed off Dogma. “Sorry.”

        Mav turned around, facing his three passengers. He grinned. “That was easy.”

        Tusker worked to bandage his arm with a first aid kit he’d found. “Where we headed?” His stolen helmet lay beside him.

        Mav leaned back in the pilot’s seat. “Mandalore. One of the people training me was from there. Only one I never slugged. Figured it might be a nice place.”

        Tusker’s eyebrows shot up. “You hit your drill sergeants?”

        “Got a problem with that?” Mav challenged.

        “I’m guessing your attitude had something to do with you ending up on death row.” Tusker leaned against the wall.

        Mav glared. “I ended up there because I deserted.”

        “Why?” Did Mav want freedom too?

        Mav eyed Slick. “How long do you think the Republic’s going to be at war? Everyone talks like it won’t be that long but from what I’ve seen, they’re ordering more troops. If they’re doing that, they’re going to still be at war for at least ten more years, probably forever. I’m not living my whole life following orders.” He nodded to Slick. “What about you?”

        “A Separatist offered me freedom if I followed her orders.” Slick looked away. “It was a mistake. I got my brothers killed.”

        If everyone is telling their stories,” Tusker spoke, “I was ordered to kill a kid who saw Dooku talking on a holoprojector to someone in a cloak. I helped the kid get away. Still can’t figure out why the whole thing happened. It was odd.”

        Everyone looked at Dogma. “Shot a Jedi, among other things.” Dogma waited to see the other three’s shocked looks before going on. “Captain Rex and General Skywalker managed to get me off death row, but I couldn’t leave my brothers there to die.”

        Slicks stomach boiled. “Those two? They helped you?” He knew his voice was louder than it needed to be.

        "If it weren’t for me not being able to leave a man behind, I’d be going back to fight beside them.”

        “They never even heard me out,” Slick hung his head.

        Dogma leaned against the wall. “People change.”

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