Charlie and the Wolf Pack {49}

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“Charlie. Nick. Come on get up” said a voice from above me.

I looked up but saw nothing. What the hell was going on?

Bláth’ you have to open your eyes” Connor said like he was speaking to a child.

Wait, my eyes weren’t open?

I guess not because soon I could see clearly and there was Connor standing on the bed in between me and Nick.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Nick asked.

“Trying to wake you guys up, what does it look it? And asshole I want my credit cards back because I know it was you who took them.”

I laughed.

“Someone wants to talk to you” Connor sang.

“Loser. Who is it?” I asked.

“Megan Barrett. And she doesn’t want to talk to you.”

I blinked. What did that mean?

“Well who the hell else does she want to talk to?” I asked confused.

Connor only looked at me, waiting for me to catch on.

Catch on to what though?

I blinked again, I must have still been sleeping because I didn’t see where this was going. Who did she want to– “Nick?”

Connor nodded and tired not to laugh at me.


I turned to Nick “What does she want you for?”

“And I know that how?”

Oh right. Relax Charlie.

“Sorry” I said and Nick nodded.

“Just so you know she tired to leave and when she got caught the only thing she said was she wanted to speak to out alpha male” Connor told us.

“What the hell for?” I wanted to know.

“Okay I’ll go talk to her” Nick said.

“Yeah, but she’ll have to wait” I said.

Connor nodded and the left the room, when he did I turned to Nick “I’m horny so you better do something about that.”

When he did go talk to Megan Barrett, he was going to smell like me.

Nick’s P.O.V.

I walked into the conference room and Meagan Barrett was sitting there at the table. I closed the door behind me and sat down.

“You wanted to see me.”

“Where’s the mate?”

I only smiled.

“I take that smile to mean it’s none of my business but she’s close by.”

I didn’t say a word I stared intensely making her uncomfortable, the way only an alpha could. I was waiting for her to continue.

She sniffed the air and smiled “Your mate, I take it she’s the jealous kind.”

She was talking about me smelling like Charlie, not that I minded at all.

“She’s not jealous she just doesn’t like you and she’s making sure you know your place.”

Megan Barrett raised an eyebrow “And where is that?”

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