Kill the Last Kang (Part 2)

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As door closed behind Hyun-suk, all the men pulled out their guns and pointed it at Seulgi.

"I wouldn't waste your time if i were you guys...." Seulgi signed.
"Look at you! So confident thinking you'll surpass us!!!" said the man on the middle.
"I'm not really in the mood to fight but if that's what you want....." Seulgi high kicked the single light bulb making it pitch dark.
Within seconds all you can hear are the men grunting in pain. Leaving the man in the middle standing. He was clearly shaking in fear as she lit up his lighter he saw all of the men on the ground unconscious.

"H-how did y-you...." he said frighteningly.
"If you don't want to end up like one of your men then you better tell me where hyun-suk is keeping Irene!" said Seulgi somewhere in the dark.
"I don't know! I swear!!! This was the only place we've all met.... B-but i heard that they're leaving tonight...."
"I-i think they m-mentioned C-China.... P-please don't hurt me!!! I have children!!!"

It was completely silence and the man was searching for Seulgi in the dark. He thought to himself maybe Seulgi had already left so he went outside of the warehouse and made a phone call.

"Hey man you better warn boss, this gir- (bone cracks)" Seulgi jumped over they man's shoulders and twisted his head.
"Hello...? You still there"
end call~

Seulgi wiped the side of her mouth where there was blood and called Moonbyul.

"Hey Moon! I'm gonna need you to call for backup, the Yang brothers have a lot of men and this is gonna be a tough mission to handle alone... Plus those bastards still has Irene"
"Yes ma'am!"
"Also, call Taeyeon unnie for me, i'm gonna need her plane. And meet me at our hideout with our backup "
"May I ask why?"
"We're going to China!"

Seulgi ended the call and carried Yeri to her car.

"Yerimie! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'm gonna make this right! I'm gonna find Irene and we're going to be together again! i promise!" said Seulgi as she was holding Yeri's cheek.

An hour later at Hideout
"Can I get everyone's attention please!" said Moonbyul.

All eyes were at Moonbyul and were waiting for the details of this urgent meeting.

"So as you guys know, I specifically called you guys because Seulgi needs your help" Moonbyul announced.
"Is my Seulgi okay?" said both Taeyeon and Sunmi.

The two glared at each other.

"Seulgi's fine! But Irene and Yeri is not.... The two were kept at hostage by the Yang brothers. Unfortunately, Seulgi was only able to rescue Yeri and Irene is still with them...."
"So where's Seulgi now?" Wendy asked.
"She's on the way."
"How about Yeri? Is she alright?" Joy asked.
"As of right now all I know is that she is still unconscious. She took all the beating by those filthy animals. She sacrificed herself for Irene, so they won't lay a finger on her"
"Hey Moonbyul you asked for a plane?" Taeyeon asked.
"Right! We're flying to China tonight."
"China?!" everyone questioned.
"That's right! The Yang brothers took a flash drive that belonged to Seulgi parents in exchange for both Yeri and Irene, but they only gave Yeri. So i'm guessing they're going to want more in exchange for Irene"
"Oh and for the rookies, the reason why I called you guys is because you guys clearly created a bond with Yeri and she's going to want to have you guys by her side and fight for her. But since this is you guys first big assignment, I'm going to have to pair you guys with your Seniors. So Twice.... You guys are paired up with Wonder Girls. Dreamcatcher you guys are going to be with EXID. Wendy and Joy you guys are gonna be with GG. And As I for I'm gonna be with Seulgi. Solar, Wheein and Hwasa you guys are gonna be with Yeri at all time. Make sure you guys let her stay put because once she regain her consciousness she going to want to help." Moonbyul added
"You forgot to pair us with a group Moonbyul" said Lisa.
"Of course I haven't forgotten about you guys.... You guys are going to have to work with a special group of people..."
"Who?" Rosé asked.
"US! THE NEW CEO's of YG" said by a group of powerful voices coming behind them.

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