Masky x Reader

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Ch. 1

I was in the middle of playing destiny when I looked at the time 1:56 am I flipped out because tomorrow was Monday a ugh school day another day of school... Yay... even though I'm (y/a) years old it's really annoying.

I hurried and turned of the Xbox 360...... I laid down in my (f/c) bed and got all comfy

--------------3 hours later-------------/-

I awoke to hearing a scream it came from my moms room..... I ran forgetting to bring a weapon cause I was such an idiot

When I finally manage to open the door and my mother was laying there dead on the floor standing over her was this guy with a mask I practically screamed and attacked

We got into a fight then he pinned me down and his knife on my neck I would've passed out if it hadn't been my fast thinking I rolled over and I was now on top of him... Wait how did this happen

His mask was slightly up and when I realized it my lips were touching his i hurried and pulled away then he pushed me to the ground and jumped out the window like he was batman or something

I started to cry..... Why..... 'sob' he comes kills my only parent and leaves me here in pain

I cried until I passed out


I awoke to sirens I was laying in a hospital van the driver realized I awoke and said "I'm srry for what happened...... Um I'm not trying to be mean but........... Who killed her????"

When he asked that he didn't sound nice or srry at all instead he sounded happy

I mumbled "some boy with a mask" his cheerful voice had vanished he stopped the car and looked back at me in horror

"And.... You survived??!!!!!!" He said terrified "how???"

"Idk we started to fight and we........." I blushed so hard then I realized and quit

"And then he just left!" The driver looked back at me

"You attacked him??????? Hahahahahhahahahahah nice story that's a good one brat!!!! A hahahhahah" he was
Laughing I was telling him the truth

I was so mad I was tempted to open the door and run I don't care where I would go if I run but at least I'll be away from this brat

I realized and ask "where are you taking me?!"

He looked back " to the police where else?"

He was making me so mad "why are we going to the police"

He looked at me "what do you think your (y/a) and you think you can walk around on the streets or stay at your old house dont ya think that he won't come after you"

The car stopped suddenly he got out and said "you got to be kidding ma" he was really mad now then he looked back at me and said "stay there" Wut am I his dog I responded "woof woof 🐶"

He was really mad then all of a sudden my body started to move by itself one of my hands were on my seat belt and the other on the door handle then I opened the door and ran through the city

So I'm really excited about this story it's very fun to make tell me if you hav any ideas okay ^.^
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