Extraordinary Ordinary

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'What do you mean I can't have a refund? Get me your manager!'

Thank God. 'I'll get my supervisor for you, just a moment'

It's only my third day at 'The Barn' and none of the other department store victims have shown me how to do a refund yet so I wouldn't know how to give the short angry blonde woman in front of me a refund even if she was entitled to it, which she isn't. Earrings are non-returnable at 'The Barn'. End of.

Now I have to call Callum, my scary supervisor. Well he's not that scary; it's just that after three days he is getting tired of my constant questions so I've been trying to avoid him. At least I'm not technically the problem this time. I feel sorry for him. Mrs Short, Blonde and Angry is going to give him an earful. I can hear her huffing and puffing behind me while I walk to the phone.

'Supervisor needed at level one cash point'

Callum arrives from wherever he was lurking and Short, Blonde and Angry is his problem now. If there was another till free I'd have to go on that as there is a growing queue but the three tills to my left are occupied so I have a few minutes to myself and nothing to do but stand beside Callum and watch the queue grow.

'Excuse me?'

I turn to my right and there is a nervous looking guy around my age smiling at me. He is a little taller than me and has short spiky brown hair. He is holding a hanger with a red dress on it.

'How can I help you?' I say smiling.

'Well I want to buy this dress for my girlfriend, I know she likes it but I'm not sure what size to get her, she is about your size.'

'O.K well I'm a size 10 so if we are the same that should hopefully fit her.  When you buy it we can give you a gift receipt in case she needs to exchange it.'

'That's great, Thanks, but this is a floor length dress and I'm not sure if it might be too long or too short and I don't want to get her something that she has to return. I'm pretty sure she is the same height as you, would you mind trying it on and letting me know if it fits?'

I look to Callum who is still busy with Short, Blonde and Angry. There is nothing I can do here just now anyway.

'O.K, this will have to be quick though, I'm supposed to be on the tills.'

I stride quickly off to the changing rooms with Nervous Guy trailing behind. I hurriedly explain to Michelle the changing room attendant what I'm doing there and then I'm in a stall closing the curtain behind me. I hear Michelle telling Nervous Guy that, as the ladies changing room is empty except for me, he can wait inside.

With the dress on I take a moment to admire how it looks. It's a deep red with Grecian style straps, a cinched in waste and it skims the floor at the bottom. With a pair of low heels that will be no problem. It's very flattering. I'd had my eye on it myself but it's a little out of my price range. Oh well, maybe with my staff discount...

I draw back the curtain and step out to show Nervous Guy how it fits.

'It's the tiniest bit long but I'm sure if your girlfriend wears heels it will look great. I want one for myself now that I have tried it on, it's lovely.'

'Perfect. It's perfect.' He says with a broad smile. 'I'll take it.' Nervous Guy no longer looks nervous. He seems very pleased with his decision to buy the dress. He must have been searching for a while.

After I get changed, Nervous Guy follows me with the dress back to the tills and joins the queue which is still quite long. Callum is still on my till dealing with Short, Blonde and Angry so I stand next to him watching the queue grow.

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