Chapter 30

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Author's Note: shoutout to Scarlett for helping me out with this chapter :)


Monday 25th of June

School was almost finished for the summer and Santana was just trying to get through it. Classes were boring and filled with end of year exams. Cheerios practise was finished for the season so the only thing Santana enjoyed at school was glee club.

That's where Santana was walking now, she had met Brittany after her physics class and they made their way to the choir room.

They walked in and greeted the club. They took their seats at the back of the room and they slid their chairs close together so they were touching and held hands. The whole club were eagerly discussing their summer plans when Mr Schuester walked it.

"Right then guys! Settle down!" He shouted. The loud chatter subsided into a few mutters before changing into silence.

"This week we're going to be doing duets. I've written all your names on a slip of paper and placed them in this hat." He explained as he pointed to a black fedora hat. "One by one you will come up and pick a name out of the hat, whoever's name you pull is your duet partner."

A low chatter drew over the room in excitement. "This assignment is just a bit of fun, not a competition. Fate will decide your partner. Now who's first to pick?" Mr Schue continued.

Artie rolled over to the hat and rummaged for a slip of paper. He pulled one out and turned it around to show the students. "Mercedes!" He announced to the room. He rolled back and high fived Mercedes.

"Dream team!" Mercedes agreed.

Puck then picked Tina, they shared a smile. Finn picked Mike and Sugar was paired with Sam. They were all happy with their pairings and looked forward to working with someone they usually wouldn't duet with.

Santana stood up from her seat and walked down to the hat. She threw a wink over her shoulder to Brittany who smiled back. She pulled out a slip of paper and smiled when she read the name.

"Brittany!" She said enthusiastically. She showed the rest of the club the name on her paper as evidence.

"What are the chances?" Puck muttered to himself.

Santana walked back to her seat and kissed Brittany. She placed her hand on a pale leg and gave a squeeze.

"I'm so glad you picked me!" Brittany beamed. They shared a smile.

Then it was Rachel's turn to choose. She excitedly rummaged in the hat but there were only a few names left. She read the paper and her expression dropped.

"I got Quinn." She said blankly. No one could tell how she was feeling. Quinn was obviously annoyed. She rolled her eyes and let out a loud puff. An awkward atmosphere settled over the two contrasting personalities that now had to prepare a song together.

After everyone was paired up, Mr Schue gave the last details. "Performance is on Friday in the choir room. Go and get to work!" He finished. The students poured out of the room in their pairings discussing the assignment.


Santana was sat on Brittany's bed after school trying to think of a song to perform. Brittany was pacing across the room in front of her.

"What about... landslide? We love Fleetwood Mac and it has a sapphic charm." Santana suggested.

"Hmm it's a good song but it's a little slow. I want something to reflect us. It needs to be fun and upbeat." Brittany pondered. "Something we can dance to."

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