Chapter Eighteen

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The wind whipped past my face as I jogged on the dirt path that snaked through the forest behind my house. My breathing was ragged and my legs and lungs were on fire, but I continued running just to keep my head clear from everything.

Ever since our fight, Austin and I haven't spoken a word to each other. We've managed to avoid one another at all costs and if we did happen to see each other we acted as if the other didn't exist. It hurt not to have my best friend talking to me or even acknowledging my presence when I was in the room. Mom and dad knew something was up, but they left it alone just to give us some space plus they were too busy with the baby to really pay attention to us anyway.

The back of my house came into view as I jogged towards the end of the trail. It wasn't until I reached my backyard that I stopped running and I shut off the music on my phone that I was listening to. I unlocked my phone and stepped inside.

"Hey honey, how was your run?" Mom asked as I walked into the family room where she was sitting on the chair with the baby.

"It was alright, how are you feeling?" I asked as I tried to catch my breath.

"I've been better, but I'll survive." She shrugged and gently rocked the baby. "What do you have planned tonight?"

What did I have planned tonight? I really didn't have any friends, Austin was mad at me and I was single. Geez, this was depressing.

"Nothing, just gonna stay in and relax." I replied.

It's not like I had a choice.

"Alright, I'll check on you later." She dismissed me by looking back down at the baby and gently brushing her fingers across his cheeks.

I sighed and trudged to my room so I could take a shower. Austin's door was shut, but he wasn't inside like he usually is;  tonight he decided that he was gonna spend time with his friends and left me here by myself. My phone went off, letting me know that I had a text. Jason's name flashed across the screen and I couldn't help the grin that formed on my face.

Hey, you free tonight? -J

Of course I was free, but I didn't want him to know that. I needed him to think that I was somewhat busy so I didn't look like a loser.

Depends. What's up? -D

I chewed my lip and started walking back and forth as I waited for Jason to answer me back. I hope I didn't come off as too abrasive. Panic bubbled in my stomach the longer I waited for him to answer.

"Okay, I need to calm down." I told myself and grabbed some clothes so I could shower.

I rushed through my shower, got dressed, and went back to room where I was met with a buzzing phone. I unlocked my phone and saw that Jason had text me a couple of times while I was in the shower.

My friends and I were gonna have a small get together at my house tonight. Wanna come? They really wanna meet you :)- J

Sooooo is that a no? If it is thats fine. If I was a girl I wouldn't wanna be around a bunch of guys either -J

I guess I'll text ya later? :/- J

I squealed at how nervous he seemed through text and became giddy with excitement. My hands shook as I responded back to him.

Sorry! I was in the shower. Of course I'll come, I just don't have a ride though. Bro took the truck :(- D

I felt my happiness deflate when I realized that I didn't have a way of getting to Jason's house because Austin was hogging the truck yet again. I groaned and threw myself back onto my bed. My phone went off again and I turned my head so I could read whatever Jason said.

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