Twenty Seven

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I'm doing this chapter in 3rd person because everyone is going to be thinking differently and I don't feel like hopping around from Zab to Isabella constantly.

Also this is a filler but a good filler this time. ❤️

When they all arrived at the restaurant, Isabella felt more emotional because this was the same restaurant Zabdiel took her for their first date. It was Zabdiel's favorite restaurant and Juliana, and Erick have been here before when they have visited in the past. "¿Qué comida vas a elegir?" What food are you going to pick? Juliana asked Isabella. She was looking through and trying to find what she ordered the last time because she forgot, and she definitely didn't want to ask Zabdiel for help. " yo no sé.." I don't know. She shrugged as she continued to look through the menu. "Quieres lo que ordenaste la última vez, Isabella?" Do you want what you ordered the last time? Zabdiel asked and she looked up to meet his eyes, "No." She replied coldly and he nodded awkwardly and looked back down at the menu.

She couldn't remember what it was so she ordered something else that seemed interesting. In no time the food arrived and Isabella was helping Jonathan cut his burger because he wanted a big boy burger instead of a kids meal burger. It was too big for Jonathan and Isabella felt bad that Juliana did everything for him and she wanted to give her a break.

Plus she needed the practice when the baby comes either way. She ordered a teriyaki salmon with veggies and steamed rice and it was okay but she missed the steak she ate the last time. She noticed Zabdiel ordered the steak she wanted and he felt a pair of eyes on him and he looked up and they made eye contact and she quickly looked away.

Erick and Juliana chuckled at their childish behavior. Isabella and Zabdiel are older than Juliana and Erick by a couple years and they found it ridiculous how awkward and petty they were towards each other. Isabella was mainly petty and Zabdiel was just awkward. Halfway through eating Zabdiel stood up and hovered over the table, he took Isabella's plate and switched it with his own.

He knew she wanted the steak the whole time. "I was eating that." Isabella glared at him, "I know you wanted the steak so I saved you half." He said and she didn't really know what to say. "Give me my fork and knife." She told him, "But you have mine on the plate." He told her, "I don't want your filthy mouth infested silverware. I don't know how many other people you kissed." She said and he sighed and he wiped off her fork and knife before handing it to her and she did the same.

Zabdiel was truly hurt when she said stuff like that. He knew he messed up really really bad, even though it was just a kiss. He understands that she is heartbroken and he deserves everything she spits at him. But he can't help but feel heartbroken because of that as well. If he could then he would go right now on his knees and beg for forgiveness in front of everyone but he knows Isabella isn't that type of woman.

You need to show her, not tell her.

And that's a good thing, but a hard thing too. Her birthday was in a few days, well three days to be exact and he wanted to take her to Japan because of all the cafés and treats and bakeries. She's obviously a sucker for that and she has said it before when she's seen videos on how they make stamped cheesecake and all these other crazy foods.

They are supposed to leave the day after tomorrow, Erick and Juliana were going to stay here a few days before the trip to celebrate Isabella's birthday here then to go and celebrate in Japan as well. Juliana left to use the restroom and now Zabdiel had to figure out what the hell they were going to do. Before her birthday he wanted to take her to the small beach in the back at night and have a small dinner with everyone, him and Erick would play the guitar while Zabdiel sang. And then he would propose and she'd say yes.

He knew she'd say yes because they've talked about it before but now he doesn't know. He's been getting the urge to go back and do cocaine and he didn't really mean what he said about locking her up. He was just—out of it. He knows it's bad but he doesn't know if he can stop, Erick has been following him everywhere so he hasn't been able to get a fix.

Isabella was just as heartbroken as Zabdiel, maybe even more. She trusted him so much, she put him in such a high pedestal. She thought he was different and even though their relationship was going fast it would be fine and okay but she was wrong. Things were not okay. She didn't trust him with women around, she didn't trust him alone—she didn't know if he will do drugs again. Cocaine makes you angry and it gives you bad mood swings and increases depression. A small fix that'll last an hour isn't worth losing contact with your own child.

She loves Zabdiel and she thought that maybe in a few days she'll try to talk to him again. Isabella wants to help Zabdiel if he wants help as well. If he wants to stay and continue to do this bad habit then she'll scrape up whatever pride and courage she has left and she'll leave before it's too late. She didn't want to leave at all but she doesn't want her child and herself to be at risk just because Zabdiel started doing cocaine.

Their silent thoughts to themselves were interrupted when the waiters and waitresses started singing happy birthday with a small chocolate cake. Juliana must have ordered that for her. Isabella smiled and turned a little red because this came out of nowhere. It made her feel very special. Isabella doesn't remember the last time she received a cake for her birthday...I mean like who would she celebrate with? Her dogs? Sergio? He's just an apprentice but he did buy her a small perfume last year. She looked up and Zabdiel was admiring her beauty, he wasn't singing like everyone else, he gave her a soft smile and her heart softened a bit and she gave one back.

When breakfast was over Zabdiel and Erick agreed to work from home to spend more time together and mainly talk more about the issue that happened. Erick was so disappointed at Zabdiel but he knew he truly was sorry. Erick understands Isabella is torn but he knows she loves Zabdiel too much and she'll forgive him soon but it might take longer for her to trust him again. Not only did Zabdiel cheat, but Zabdiel started a bad habit that is too hard hard to leave. Cocaine is a serious thing and being a dealer is one thing but being a user is another.

While leaving the restaurant the rain started pouring a bit harder and Jonathan cuddled into Isabella as they walked to the car. They got near but someway somehow maybe due to the rain Isabella slipped and and fell back but a pair of arms caught her. She was even more red than before because to her that was so embarrassing.

"Ten cuidado princesa, porque no sabes si podré ayudarte la próxima vez."

Be careful princess because you don't know if i'll be able to catch you next time.

"Don't call me princess."

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Also did y'all see the cheeky pic the boys posted?? 🤤

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