First, a word...

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What is Train? Well…

We all travel. We all get to where we are going in some way. Train is a novel that covers the outbreak of the zombie virus cars on a subway train, The Broadway Express and the surrounding subway station.  They are intended only as snippets of conversation and going’s on at the time of the outbreak. The virus continues to spread, but these are its first moments, its first people. They are the ones who made the world what it is now.

This is a record of that moment in time.

They are not intended to be whole, but you will see only a moment. How it spreads like a snake under the tunnels of the city. Train is a novel that will be composed ongoing, serial chapters, or episodes. I’m not sure how long the novel will be, but there are a lot of people on a subway train.

I have no idea where the story will go, but there will be a new chapter every second day until it’s done. It will be one heck of a ride.

I hope you’ll hop on board.

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