Part 9

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In Nk's room,

Khushi admired herself decked up in a bridal lehenga with teary eyes.

She chuckled in tears as she recalled her dreams of having a big fat indian wedding, when she herself crushed all of them

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She chuckled in tears as she recalled her dreams of having a big fat indian wedding, when she herself crushed all of them.

Tears were rolling down her eyes as she recalled the night that changed all the dynamics of her life.

The wedding day,

Nk stopped the car before a temple shocking her to the core.

"Are u taking his words seriously Nanhe ji?" Her voice laced with shock and surprise boomed in the car.

"Do we have any other option?" He asked removing his seat belt.

"But marriage is not the solution to this, we have to expose him." She cried as she saw him getting down the car.

"Can we do that without any proof against him? No right?" He asked and opened the door of her side.

He knelt before Khushi taking her hand in his.

"First of all wipe these tears of urs... U should act according to ur name!" He said wiping her tears.

Khushi sighed helplessly.

"We cannot expose him without any proofs unless we r proven wrong in the end. He's too cunning, he will change everything in his favor."

"Toh hum kare bhi toh kya kare? Hamare paas zyada waqt nahi hai... Unki nazar sab pe hai, hamara ek galat kadam sabko khatre main daldega. (What can we do then? We don't have much time left with us... All r under his radar, our one wrong move can push them towards danger.)" She said with tears.

"Do u trust me?" He asked softly and she nodded.

"He acted before everyone to win their trust, now we will act before him to win his trust."

She came out of the trance when the door was knocked thrice.

"U can come in Nanhe ji!" She said wiping the corners of her eyes.

Nk walked into the room and looked at her worried form as he took his phone.

"What's wrong?" He asked looking at her through the mirror.

"It's feeling so strange... I mean everything is just so awkward!" She whispered sighing hard.

"I understand... But u know why we r doing this, it's needed!" He said.

"I know but, I can't help worrying if this will work out!" She said.

He placed his palms on her shoulder and applied a little pressure.

"Just Relax! Sab theeka (theek) hojaayega. (Just relax! Everything's gonna be spicy (fine).)" Nk tried to console her.

She chuckled in tears, "Its Theek, theeka means spicy!"

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