Its Getting Hot

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      "Can we go out tonight"? I asked Kiya . She was still pissed about what happen the other day and even though I told her nothing sexual other than oral was given between me and Veronica I don't think she believed me.
"I don't know I'll have to ask my parents" she said dryly to me closing her locker. She had never said no shit like that before so yea she was still mad at me. She turned and faced me "I should be getting to class" was what she said next .
"Baby can you stop being mad with me please". She rolled her eyes and replied "be honest with me and I'll go back to the old me".
I grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall. "Where are we going"? I didn't even bother to answer her instead I kept walking pulling her behind me until we came up to Veronica and her friends.
"Yo Veronica"? I called out to her getting her attention.
"Rj...." she gave Kiya a stank look, I guess she hadn't gotten over that black eye Kiya gave her in the fight.
"Have we ever fucked"? She looked to me and then to Kiya.
With a grin on her face as she looked at Kiya I knew she was about to lie.
"More than once" she said laughing. The bitch lied and it pissed me off to the point where I was about to fuck her up myself, but Kiya gripped my wrist tightly and pulled me back.
"Kiya she's lying" I said to her . She grabbed my face and pulled it down to where it was face level to hers and kissed me. One peck and she turned and looked at Veronica "you stay away from my man if you know what's good for you".
Walking away I asked "so we good"? I asked Kiya.
Looking straight ahead she replied "she try you again or me I'll kill that bitch and that's on my momma. Caught a body before I'll do it again". I stopped walking when she said that and asked "what did you just say"?

     "Kimber what the hell you doing here"? I was surprised to see this girl at the door.

"Better yet how did you get my address"? I asked again

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"Better yet how did you get my address"? I asked again.
"Your brother Rj" I shook my head in disbelief I was going to get Rj when I see him.
"You living with your baby momma now"? She said trying to look inside the apartment.
"I do for now what do you want Kimber"? I asked curious.
       "Just came to check on you to see if your okay". I replied "so you took this trip to DC just to check on me"?
"I still care okay I mean I know you and i know you wouldn't have given up on us, so quickly if someone wasn't in your ear". She said rolling her eyes getting upset.
The door swung open thank to Angel and before I could stop her from going off she went off, only because she was standing behind the door the whole time.
"Girl you just don't give up now do you can't you see the man is happen you just wasted your money coming up here you dumb bitch"!
Kimber looked at me "did I Reggie"?
      I felt a smack on my shoulder "tell her Reggie tell her now"! Damn a nigga couldn't catch a fucking break I was done with this fucking shit .
"Look Kimber I'm done with you okay I have a child on the way...." she looked pissed and Angel started laughing I turned and faced her "Angel I need some time to think too much shit has gone on between us and yes some of it is my fault, but this shit is wearing me down I just need sometime . I shook my head and walked away from them both I need some fucking air.

       After being on the phone all night with Rodney I laid in bed asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep before I heard my phone ringing. Waking up and looking at the alarm on my night stand I saw it was almost five in the morning . Looking at the number I didn't recognize it so I let it ring and just as the call ended it started to ring again.
       Thinking it could be my mom I answered . "Hello Mommy"? Was the first thing I said sitting up in bed.
"Reminisce baby"...
"Dr....Dreee"? I said in a low tone, he sounded hurt and weak.
"Baby I need you to help me I'm sorry for everything". Confused I said the stupidest thing ever "Rodney said he killed you".
         "Look he tried he had me locked up in some fucking barn for two weeks . He killed my baby momma and shit I don't know where my daughter is Remi please you gotta help me I'm sorry I know you still care for me".
"Dre I ...."
"Remi please just come get me and take me to my stash house and then I promise I'll leave you alone, but I can't promise i won't come after your new boyfriend Remi do you know if he hurt my daughter..."?
         Gosh it sounded like he was now crying and my heart was starting to break. "Dre where are you"?
"Across town I broke away killing the nigga they had watching me I got his phone, but I'm going to eventually have to get rid of this shit. I know you go to school in a hour come pick me up please".
"Alright Dre Alright just go somewhere until I get there".
"Thank you just come to the old sand mill on the outer part of town I think I can make it over there in a hour. Remi make sure your not being followed okay"?
I rubbed my eyes "Alright Dre Alright".
Fuck now I'm saving my old nigga from my new nigga. The most important question though is where is the baby?

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