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Honestly, I should have made this note a very long time ago but kept forgetting. Well, better late than never, right? A lot of people comment about one certain fact in this story and that's about Keith and if he's a baby or a kitten. I'm going to try and clear things up for past and future readers now.

When I wrote this story, I never imagined Keith as being turned into child. I saw his transformation more like that of a werewolf. I know the story can be confusing at parts but in no way, shape or form is Keith a baby or child. He still has memories, thoughts and the like of that of any other teen except that his physical appearance has changed. I think this fact is where people get confused but, like I said before, the only thing that changed is Keith's physical appearance while mentally he's still a teenager.

I hope this has cleared up that up for past readers and shines a light for new readers so that they won't become confused. I'm sorry for not saying thing before now on this and for being slightly confusing for people. I do hope that everyone continues to enjoy this story and I'm grateful for all the support and love everyone has shown it. Thank you all and have a wonderful day!

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