"Na-ah ah. I've already got her all fixed up. Keep your horniness to yourself." Fraiser commands as he pushes us out of the doorway.

I giggle as Bain grabs my hand and leads me down the hallway, we walk into the ballroom and immediately eyes are on us.

My head is held high as I look around the faces of people. After a moment Bain and I move to blend into the crowd and people go back to talking.

Bain holds me tightly as we start to dance. He holds me close and I lean my head against his chest.


I tune out from listening to the couple talk to Bain. Something about a sport the man has invested millions in.

"Bain I have to show you the numbers you wouldn't believe it." A sigh leaves Bains mouth at the mans words. Bain looks to me.

"I'll be back in a moment." Bains whispers I nod my head with a slight smile showing I'm not bothered. Bain walks away with the man leaving me in the sea of people.

"Navi!" I turn and spot Hannah, dressed in a dark blue floor length gown, she sends me a huge smile.

I return the smile hesitantly. "Hi Hannah."

"You look amazing! I knew you would make a beautiful queen!" She states way to cheery for my liking.

My stomach turns and my palms start to get anxious at being around my high school bully.

"Anyway, seeing as you're queen now and we go way back I was thinking you could help me get on the council." Hannah states with a full blown smile and giggle.


"Oh my goodness thank you so-wait what?" She ask looking horrified.

"I said no. You won't be on the council." I state with my head held high and my eyes showing I would not budge.

"What? But this is my whole life's work! It'll be ruined if you don't!

"Your life's work is ruined because you're a bully." I state crossing my arms as I stand my ground.

"But Navi, despite our, issues, I'm the best qualified!" Hannah argues with me as she takes a threatening step towards me.

I narrow my eyes at her. "Yes you are very well qualified for the job. Except for one issue. You destroy people you don't like. I can't have that on the council, I have to have people that can work well with people, despite what they feel towards them." I explain making her eye twitch.

"You will regret this Navi." Hannah states pointing a finger at me.

I glare at her, "Hannah, I am your queen and you need to show me respect despite your feelings towards me. See this is what I mean."

A sadistic smile snakes up on her face. "Fine Navi, but I warned you." I sigh as she then struts away from me.

"Already stepping on people's toes I see." I roll my eyes at the all to familiar voice of my best friend. I turn and smile at Riley.

"Looks like it, I'm sure they will start a revolution against me soon." I joke making Riley laugh loudly.

"Please, you're so gentle they are going to love you as queen." Riley states as she puts her hand on my shoulder and squeezed lightly making me blush.



I wake up and turn on my side. My eyebrows furrow as I don't see Bain. I stand quickly and look in the bathroom and see he isn't there.

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