Ch. 4-Missing Friends

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Silver Wings and I became great friends with Billy and Thorn after we had helped each other defeat the evil sorcerer and help Draco meet some new friends. We always loved to go flying around and racing each other on Silver Wings and Thorn. Sometimes we liked to switch who we were riding to see how fun it was on either steed. One day though I got really scared when Silver Wings didn’t answer me when I called him with my mind. He and Billy had been riding together and there was a storm brewing.

I called Silver Wings again and again to see if he would answer me, but I didn’t get a response. I got really worried then. If Silver Wings wasn’t answering when I called him, then he and Billy must be in some sort of trouble. I tried linking my mind with Thorn so that we could talk freely about what I had found out.

To my delight, I was able to contact Thorn with ease and found that he had been able to listen in on what I was saying when I tried calling Silver Wings and Billy and was very worried when Billy had not answered. Thorn told me that he had tried calling Billy with his mind, but to no avail. He also tried to contact Silver Wings, since two creatures have a farther distance to which they could contact each other, but was not able to find Silver Wings. It was as if both of them were either not paying attention, or were asleep somewhere.

The storm had just begun start and we knew that we had to get out of it so that we didn’t get hit by lightening or lose our way. We were fairly close to the Pegasi valley, so we flew there, just in time before the rain started to come down. The Pegasi chief had us come inside a huge cave that lead into a series of other caves. We explained why we were there on a rainy day, and not at home. The Pegasi chief was alarmed at what had happened to Silver Wings and Billy. He asked us what direction we were going and then he asked several other Pegasi to go out on a search for Silver Wings.

The rain was just stopping a little bit, so it was perfect for them to go out and look for Silver Wings. As we all gathered there to watch the searchers fly off, we heard this great whooshing behind us, and then Draco suddenly landed beside us. We filled him in on what had happened and he was greatly alarmed and volunteered to go with the search party to see if he could help. He left with the search party and the rest of us waited for long ours until they came back.

What seemed like a century to us, was only a couple of hours, and finally the searchers came back, but without any new news about Silver Wings and Billy. We were very worried that something bad might have happened to them, but thankfully, it had stopped raining, so we could go even farther than the search party had gone. Then we noticed that Draco wasn’t with the rest of the search party. We asked the search party where he was and they looked around surprised. “He was with us when we started to return!” said the leader of the searchers. “We made sure of it and then I guess nobody saw when he disappeared.”

Thorn and I got very worried then. First Silver Wings and Billy went missing and now Draco. We went out to search again for them, and we flew very far all over, then we noticed something strange over by the mountains. There was a big splotch of white against the dark green of the forests that populated the area. As we flew to the spot, I noticed that the splotch of white was also mingled with a splotch of red, though only very slightly. I finally realized that the splotch of white was big enough that it could have been an animal lying down on its side, and the splotch of red could be blood on its body.

I told this to Thorn and he flew even faster. Sure enough, when we arrived by the splotch of white and red, we found Silver Wings lying down, sleeping, with blood on his side. Billy was lying sleeping by him and he had a sharp stick with blood on it. We quickly awakened them both and they looked around them dazed. We explained why and how we were there and they started their story of how they got lost.

“We were flying around when all of a sudden this big gust of wind knocked us off our course, and then we ran into some big thunderheads and got lost!” exclaimed Billy. “Then we landed here and built a little fire and managed to keep it dry, but the fire attracted other hungry animals. They came all around us and one got so brave, that it tried to attack us. That is why Silver Wings has blood on him and there is blood on the stick.” “Don’t worry. This blood is not my own, but the blood of the wolf that tried to attack us,” explained Silver Wings. “He was so ferocious, that I didn’t think that we would be able to fight him off, but we managed to, without killing him.”

Thorn, Billy, Silver Wings and I all flew back to the Pegasi valley and everyone was relieved to see that Silver Wings was okay. Silver Wings and Billy related their story again to the rest of the Pegasi, and they were amazed that Silver Wings and Billy had survived.

Silver Wings took me home and Thorn took Billy home and I expressed my feelings towards Silver Wings and how I felt when he was missing. He was very sorry to have caused so much for me to worry about, but he took me home and I explained to my parents why I had been gone so long by saying that I had gone for a walk in the woods and visited Billy, which was true. I also said that Billy wandered off and got lost, and I had to go find him. They did not know that I still played with Silver Wings and interacted with the other Pegasi, or that Billy had a pet dragon.

There was still one thing troubling me: Where was Draco?

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