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So Persia is said to be the origin of introducing magic to the Western world. They showed up to Greece and the Greeks were like "that's magic and also fuck you foreigners y'all are witches and bad".

So naturally wouldn't they have a Wizarding school?

We know the 11 Ivy League type Wizarding schools, but I'm sure there's institutions that are still pretty good just not famous.

So the areas we have covered by the Ivy League schools are:

Brazil/most of south America,
Uganda/part of Africa
Massachussetts/East coast area

So with that in mind, here are some proposed schools based on the history of magic in that area.

School in Egypt, has existed for ages only with the founding of schools like Hogwarts has started hiding itself.

School in Iran, one of the earliest schools to exist but no one tells you due to the fact it's in Iran.

School in Greece- is a lowkey thing that has a big feud with the Iran school.

School in Italy- in Roman ruins somewhere but not the interesting sort of ruins.

And then like 5-6 more American schools because there is no way I'm taking a train to fucking Massachussetts.

It's a 43 hour drive with no stops. Sure magic can go fast but you also need to stop frequently to pick up everyone, because no one is willing to drive that far to a general location.

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