Chapter One

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"Danielle, get in the car." After saying goodbye to Sky, I got into the car. If a prisoner killed me today, I wouldn't be surprised. I wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps. Some day, I'd become a police officer. But for now, I'm counseling a prisoner. My dad thought that this would be great since this is how he started off.

"You'll be paired with a few boys around your age." Dad spoke, breaking the silence.
"There are people my age there?!" I was shocked. The only bad thing that I've ever done was steal a dollar from my sister, or even sell my sisters Juul pen on Craigslist!

"Sadly, yes. They probably won't like you at first because they haven't really had interaction with anyone outside of the facility," He spoke again. "Also, older men will be in the floor where you have to work. I'll be there if you need me." I let out a shaky breath, leaning my head against the window, returning to a quiet state.

"Aside from that, how's your summer break been?" Dad asked, looking at me for a second.
"It's been okay. It's gonna be amazing now that I'm gonna be surrounded by rapists, murderers and what not. That's gonna be so fun." I said with much sarcasm.
"Welcome to my life, honey." He said with a light chuckle.

After driving for what felt like hours, I saw a huge concrete building in the distance. The walls were tall and robust. There was a gate around the perimeter of the actual building with barbed wires.

"This is where you work?" I asked, looking around. We were in the middle of a desert.
"Mhm." He hummed, pulling into the parking lot. I walked close behind him as we entered the building. The lights were reflecting off of the glazed pavement. He pushes open a white door, allowing me to step in first. I have all eyes on me. Everyone was dressed in uniform but then there's me, dressed in a tight fitted white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. I crossed my arms over my chest, feeling a bit uncomfortable with everyone staring at me.

"There's three floors of the basement. Inmates are on the last one." My dad said before handing me to another officer.
"Dad, why are you leaving me?" I asked, sort of whining at the same time.
"I have to run a few errands. I'll see you. Peck isn't too bad." He said, kissing my forehead before walking away.
"Oh, I almost forgot!" Dad said before jogging back to me. "Safety goggles."
I rolled my eyes before getting into the elevator, closing the gate in front of me once I did so.

"So, you're Officer Peck?" I asked, shaking my head slowly as I tried to make small talk.
"Yup. You don't have to be so shy, ya know." He said, smiling a bit. I pursed my lips as I impatiently tapped my feet.
"Well, standing next to a tall ass police officer wearing nothing but a tight shirt and booty shorts is very intimidating, I have every right to be shy," I said quietly. "Any ways, who's the kid that I'm gonna be counseling?" He let out a scoff at my question.

"He ain't a kid, he could probably kill you." He stated.
"I'm aware of that." I said with a shrug.
"Why are you here then?" He asked.
"I could ask you the same question. You look fairly young to be an officer." I said, lifting an eyebrow.
"I'm doing this in honor of my mom. She was an officer before she passed away." He said.
"I'm sorry about-"

"I don't care. Now, what are you doing here?" He asked. 
"I'm following in my dad's footsteps." I said proudly.
"Interesting. Your dad's a great dude." He said. I nodded my head in agreement. The elevator came to a stop, jolting once it hit the floor. I opened the gate, staring at the hallway. The lights were dim and the floors looked dilapidated.
"Let's go." Officer Peck said, waiting for me to get out of the elevator.

I slowly walked behind Officer Peck, waiting to meet the boy that I was going to be counseling. A ton of inmates were cat calling me and wolf whistling.

"Who's the hottie, Peck?"
"Shut up, Jason! She's too young for you!"
"Damn baby, you here for me?"
"God bless you, sexy."

All of these comments grossed me out entirely. I flipped my hair in front of my face, crouching my body awkwardly as I walked beside Officer Peck.
"Kuwonu, you're counselor's here." I looked up, making eye contact with a tall boy whose dreads stuck out of the front of his hood.
"She came for fuckboy!" One of the inmates shouted. I rolled my eyes.
"I'll be back in fifteen minutes. Do you want me to stay?" Officer Peck asked as he held the cell door open for me.
"No, you can leave." I said, playing with my fingers. He left and I was alone with the boy. I slipped these stupid goggles off.

"Why'd you take them off?" The boy asked.
"I'm not supposed to?" I asked.
"No, I can gouge your eyes out." He said with no emotion.
"Okay." I said dragging out the a. I bright my arms up to put the goggles back on.
"But don't worry, I won't hurt you." He said. I placed the goggles on the wooden desk that had been dragged into his cell.
"So, what's your name?" I asked, sitting on one of the wooden chairs.
"Caleb, but call me Zion. Call me Caleb, I might choke you." He said.
"I like being choked, Zion." I said, getting nothing but a smirk from him.

"She's a freak." I heard from behind me. I turned around to see a group boys huddled outside of the bars.
"Shut up, Nick." Zion said with a chuckle. I got a glimpse of his face under the light. He had a beautiful caramel tone, gorgeous brown irises, plump, pink lips, pearly whites, and dimples. Just looking at his dimples made me smile like an idiot. Damn this boy was hot.
"She's hot." One with glasses spoke.
"She's fuckable." One with long blonde locks said.
"She's my cousin." I got a full glimpse of one of the boys.
"Edwin?!" I asked. I got up of from the chair and got closer to the bars.
"Surprise." He sarcastically spoke.
"Edwin, what, why- what the hell are you doing here?" I asked.

"Kuwonu, your fifteen minutes are up. Danielle, let's go." My dad said.
"Wait!" Zion said. He sprung from his chair onto his feet. He pulled his hoodie off, handing it to me. Now, I was staring at his abs, reluctantly taking the hoodie from him.
"Cover up. You can keep it. I heard everything they were saying when you came in here." He said.

"Thanks Zion." I said with a little smile.
"No problem." He said. I slipped his hoodie over my shirt before following my dad to the elevator.
"Dad, why's Edwin here?" I asked once the elevator started moving.
"He did something, so did Caleb." My dad said.
"He'll rip your eyes out for saying calling him Caleb." I said with a chuckle. My dad poked my cheek as he noticed that I was blushing uncontrollably.
"Someone has a crush!" He teased me.
"Dad, shut up!" I giggled. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
"We're going home in a few hours." He said before we got out of the elevator.

* * *

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