Ch. 3-The Dragon

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I loved to talk to Silver Wings a lot and sometimes he came and met me in my secret hiding place in the woods. Occasionally we would go and visit Billy and his little dragon, whom he eventually told us he had named Thorn. Thorn had grown so much since we had saved him that now he was able to carry Billy without tiring out and he also was able to blow out great quantities of fire at one time. Silver Wings came to me one day as if in a great panic. He was flying very fast, was breathing very hard and kept calling my name.

I ran to him and asked him what the matter was. He exclaimed, “Jump on my back first and then I will explain on the way there.” I jumped onto his back and then asked, “Is someone in trouble?” “Yes, we must try to save him.” he yelled. “Do you think that only the two of us will be able to save whoever it is? I think that the more help we can get the better off we will be! Let’s go get Billy and Thorn to come help us!” I told Silver Wings. We went and stopped at Billy’s house and he gladly came along after we explained to him what we needed him for. He rode on Thorn instead of Silver Wings because Silver Wings did not have enough energy to carry the both of us.

As we flew, Silver Wings explained to me and Billy that a big black dragon had come to the peaceful valley that the Pegasi lived in. All the Pegasi had been running all around and had been frightened by the dragon that swooped down towards them. The dragon was the big monster that they had all feared, and his name was The Destroyer. The Destroyer had gone and kidnapped a Pegasus, and all the others didn’t know what to do, and they all started to panic. The Pegasus that had been kidnapped was the whole valley’s leader, and the other Pegasi didn’t know what to do without any leader to guide them.

“One of the elders went around asking all of us if we knew anyone that could help to get back their chief. Nobody knew anyone that could help except me. I volunteered to come and get you and then try to go and defeat The Destroyer in any way that I could,” explained Silver Wings. “So then I came and got you, and you know the rest.” “Wow!” exclaimed Billy. “There are more of you? And your leader got captured? By a dragon? I bet Thorn here could put up a good fight against him!” “I’m sure he can, Billy. That is one reason why I asked you to come because he could really help us!” I explained. “Silver Wings!” I yelled. “Do you want to take a break? I know that you were very tired when you came to pick me up! Let’s take a break right now and build up our strength for our fight!” “Yes, I most certainly would like to take a break right now,” came the weary reply.

We slowed down to look for a nice shady area in the meadows we were flying over. We finally found a nice big tree under which would provide a lot of shade for us and which also hangs over a nice grassy part of the meadow. When we finally stopped, Billy and I both dismounted our off of our friends, and I watched while Silver Wings rested in the shade while munching on some grass. Thorn just went hunting around in the grass for some mice or something else to eat. Billy and I just lay down in the grass for a little while until I became restless and started to climb the tree that was above our heads. It was a very easy climb and pretty soon I found myself at the top of the tree over looking the meadow and the mountains we were heading towards not very far off from where we were resting.

I thought I saw something flying close to the mountains, but when I looked again, it had disappeared. I watched that same spot and then saw the big creature flying about again. I asked Billy to come up with me and to see if he could see the flying creature. He came up and confirmed my thought that I had seen a flying creature, and he even told me that it seemed to be getting closer to where we were. We both jumped down from the tree as fast as we could after confirming that the creature was getting closer. We warned Silver Wings and Billy called Thorn with a special whistle that could be heard only by Thorn. Thorn came rushing over and then we I mounted Silver Wings and Billy mounted Thorn. Both Silver Wings and Thorn rose into the air to meet whatever was coming towards them.

As the creature came closer, Silver Wings neighed in horror and started to jerk convulsively. I had to calm him down before he told me who or what was coming. It was The Destroyer. As I relayed this message to Billy, Silver Wings started to lead the fight against The Destroyer. It all happened so fast. One minute we were going into battle and then the next minute, we were right next to The Destroyer. The Destroyer was a fearful dragon, all black with red eyes and sharp claws. He had shimmering black scales, and long, black horns coming out of his head. When he opened his jaws, his teeth were like huge razor sharp knives. He would have blown out fire at Silver Wings and me had it not been for Thorn and Billy.

Thorn and Billy had snuck up behind The Destroyer and as Silver Wings and I attacked from the front, Thorn and Billy attacked from the back. Thorn clamped down hard on The Destroyers hind leg, just as The Destroyer was about to blow out his fire, but instead he roared in pain. With that distraction, Silver Wings kicked The Destroyer full in the face, and the blow was hard enough, that it knocked The Destroyer to the ground, where he began to nurse his leg. We came down to attack again and to our surprise, The Destroyer rolled didn’t do anything to defend himself. We came down to rest beside him, still wary of his powerful wings and jaws. The Destroyer stopped caring for his leg and turned to face us.

The Destroyer explained to us that his real name was Draco. He had been called The Destroyer when he had been put under a spell by an evil sorcerer that made him do things that he would have never done had he not been put under the spell. The sorcerer had thought that Draco would be the perfect dragon for his evil plans of destroying other types of creatures, such as the Pegasi and other dragons. Draco said that the sorcerer had put the spell on so that it wouldn’t be broken unless Draco was injured in battle. If Draco was injured in battle, the spell would be renewed. Now that we had injured Ancalagon the Black, we had lifted the spell and set him free.

Draco asked us why we were coming toward the sorcerer’s lair, and we told him that he had carried off one of the Pegasi from where Silver Wings had come from. When Draco heard that, he was very sorry and apologized. Draco said that he had a plan to get back the chief of the Pegasi and to destroy the evil sorcerer. We all flew off towards the sorcerer’s lair with Draco leading the way and then he told us to act like we were his prisoners. We did as he asked and followed him into the lair. We met the evil sorcerer who congratulated Draco for finding and capturing us. Luckily, the sorcerer did not notice that Draco had a hurt leg, and as soon a the sorcerer had turned his back on Draco, Draco killed him with one swipe of his paw, and then gave Billy and me the keys to go free the Pegasus chief.

The Pegasus chief was very thankful for us saving him and then we all set off for the Pegasi mountain valley and we got there in a matter of minutes. When we got there, all the Pegasi got scared at seeing Draco, of whom they thought was still The Destroyer, but they were really glad to see their leader. When we landed, Draco explained why he had been terrorizing them so much, and asked them if he could stay there to live with them and protect them in return for the bad things he had done to them. Billy, Thorn, Silver Wings and I all received thanks from the Pegasi and also from Draco for releasing the spell put on him. The chief guaranteed that both Billy and I would be welcome at any time we wanted to come here. After the big ceremony, Silver Wins took me home and Thorn took Billy home. It was a great, exciting day.

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