Ch. 2-Silver Wings Returns

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I lived quite happily for a couple of months after Silver Wings had gone up to the mountains to live. I frequently talked to him about all of my problems that I had with my other horses and other things through the telepathic connection we shared. One day, though, it got really bad. I got into a really big fight with my family about going to the movies with my friends. They said I couldn’t go because I hadn’t finished all of my chores or my homework from school.

I got really angry with my parents and then I ran out of the house and into the woods to a secret hiding place I had found just recently. I called to Silver Wings and he answered me with his kind musical voice: “Don’t cry or be angry any longer. I shall come to you and take you for a ride.” “Thank-you Silver Wings!” I cried. “You bring a lot of joy into my life!” In a matter of minutes, Silver Wings was by my side and he explained that he frequently came out from the mountain to watch me and look over me. I jumped onto his back and thanked him again for coming to take me on a ride. He started to gallop as fast as he could so that he could jump into the air to start flying.

We had been flying over the woods for about a half-hour and I had calmed down and wasn’t angry anymore when suddenly we heard someone shouting. As we got closer to the yelling, we recognized that it was someone yelling for help. I said to Silver Wings, “Silver Wings! You had better land so that we don’t risk being seen flying!” “You are very right. I will land right away!” Silver Wings replied. We landed a little bit away from the shouting and Silver Wings folded up his wings so that they could not be seen.

He galloped into the clearing and I saw a little boy running after a tall man holding a tiny creature. We got closer and saw that the man was stooped over as if he had a curve in his spine that he couldn’t straighten out, a long hooked nose, and an evil grin on his face. What we saw him holding astonished Silver Wings and me so much that Silver Wings almost stopped in his tracks had it not been for the boy calling for help. It was a baby dragon. Silver Wings galloped up the thief and I tried to jump onto his back, but he knocked me down just as I was landing on him. Silver Wings realized that there was no reason to hide his wings, so he unfurled them, hoping to scare the thief, and reared up on his hind legs. The thief was startled enough to see the wings coming out of nowhere and loosened his grip on the squirming dragon he was holding.

The dragon had been trying to get around to the man’s face to try to scratch the thief or even blow fire on him. His chance came when the thief was startled by Silver Wings and he turned around and scratched the thief’s face with his razor sharp claws and then tried to puff out a little bit of fire, but he was so tired from struggling so much that he wasn’t able to blow out any fire, only a little smoke. But the dragon was soon freed when he raked the thief’s face with his claws.

Silver Wings was about to stomp down on the thief when the thief suddenly cried out for mercy. Silver Wings dropped down to the ground and then said to me, “What shall we do with him? We can’t just leave him running around. He might just do something else.” I said, “Maybe we can knock him out just for a little while so he won’t remember anything.” “That is a good idea,” came the reply. No one else had heard what we had planned to do. Silver Wings suddenly walked up to the man and knocked his head against a stone and knocked him out.

Meanwhile, the dragon had crawled back to the boy, and the boy was caressing him with love. Then the boy looked up at us and gazed at Silver Wings with wonder. I called to him, “What is your name little boy? And why are you out here all alone with your little dragon?” He answered to me by saying that his name was Billy and that he was just taking his dragon out for a walk when all of a sudden this man came out of nowhere and tried running off with Billy’s dragon when Silver Wings and I got there. He also told me that he hadn’t thought of a good name for his dragon yet.

Billy thanked us and then I said, “Where are you headed? Is your home very far off from here?” Billy replied, “I have come a very far way, about a mile. Right now I am going to go back home.” “Silver Wings,” I thought. “Would you mind if I asked Billy if he wanted to take a ride to his home with us? Would you mind carrying him?” “I would not mind at all. Go ahead and ask him,” thought Silver Wings enthusiastically. “Would you like to have a ride home Billy?” I asked him. “You bet I would!” Billy exclaimed. All of a sudden there was a look of guilt in his eyes. “Are you sure I could take a ride with you? I don’t want to be any trouble.” “I am very sure. You are very young to have come even this far and you shouldn’t be walking out in the woods alone. Hop on up on Silver Wings!” I told him with kindness. Billy jumped up onto Silver Wings’ back with joy, holding on to his little dragon tightly.

Silver Wings and I took Billy home and wished him luck with his dragon and then we flew to my part of the woods with my secret hiding place. No one had noticed that I had been gone for very long because no one was searching for me. Silver Wings dropped me down on to the ground and then said good-bye. I thanked him for always being there for me and for helping Billy and his dragon. I said good-bye to him and then watched with tears in my eyes at seeing my dearest friend leave. I knew it was useless to cry because I knew that Silver Wings would be back to have more fun with me. As if to reassure that thought, I heard Silver Wings say to me, “Don’t cry. I will be back sometime else when you need me.” “Good-bye Silver Wings! I’ll see you sometime soon again I hope!” I cried back to him.

I went home to my folks without a word, and they didn’t say anything to me. I finished up my chores and then all of my homework. When I was done, I went down to supper and they congratulated me on not going to the movies with my friends and instead finishing up all of my chores and homework. I was happy in the end with my parents and was feeling foolish for being angry with them in the first place instead of listening to their wise words. Then I thought that it was a good thing that I had been angry or else I wouldn’t have called Silver Wings and then we wouldn’t have met Billy and saved Billy’s dragon.

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