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Jungkook awoke the next morning to the sound of Jimin's repetitive knocking against his bedroom door, which caused the Prince to let out an impatient groan.

"What is it?" he called out, struggling to adjust his eyes to the bright morning light shining through the window.

"It's almost 10am, Sir. The King wants you to greet the Princess in ten minutes," Jimin informed politely, before the sound of retreating footfall was heard, signalling to Jungkook his servant had most likely gone to pay his brother a visit.

The Prince felt his heart drop slightly at the reminder of the North Korean family arriving into their palace that very morning. He already felt queasy at the idea of meeting the Princess in less than ten minutes, since reality was finally sinking in and the imminency of Jungkook's position as the Prince was starting to become much more prominent.

Part of him urged himself to flee from the life he had in the palace, yet something seemed to prevent him from doing so each time. Perhaps it was the fact that running away would end up in him discarding his brother, although Jungkook knew Yoongi would most likely accompany him if he was to ever abandon his life as the Prince.

The duo had never fitted into the royal lifestyle in which they were born into. Morality and responsibility were two personality traits royals were expected to have, despite neither being a natural attribute to either one of the boys.

"Jungkook-ah?" a familiar voice sounded out, followed by a loud knock. "Are you ready?"

"Almost, Seokjin," Jungkook rushed out, whilst dragging himself out of bed quickly and pulling on the clothes which Jimin had laid out across his table the night before. "Give me a minute."

Jin emitted a skeptical hum, noticing the boy's tone which happened to be thick with sleep. He glanced at his watch, mentally scolding Jungkook's tardiness.

"You need to hurry up. They're almost here."

Jungkook refrained from saying anything else, due to the uncomfortable feeling which had begun to settle in the pit of his stomach. Staring at his reflection for a few brief seconds in the mirror, the Prince ran his fingers through his raven hair before swinging open his bedroom door, face-to-face with the elder.

"Technically I could order you to lie for me and tell them I've gone missing," the Prince mumbled nonchalantly, not missing the sharp glare Jin gave him in return. "You wouldn't even be able to refuse since I'm the Prince."

"If you asked me, you know exactly what my response would be," Jin stated, shaking his head at the younger.

The two hurried through the palace and towards the main courtroom, where the King, Queen and Yoongi would be waiting. Jungkook inhaled a deep breath, before releasing a slow sigh.

"This isn't fair," he murmured under his breath, earning a sympathetic look from Jin, who kept his lips pursed into a thin line.

He felt intense pity for Jungkook, since he was aware how much the Prince loathed the idea of marriage. He'd raised him for five years, hence why he couldn't help but feel slight anger at the King and Queen for forcing their son to wed the Princess.

"You never know what'll happen, Jungkook-ah," Jin said, stopping once the two had reached the entrance to the courtroom. "Go in there and don't throw any fits. Be polite," he warned, ruffling Jungkook's hair affectionally as he watched the Prince striding into the room.

Jungkook bit back an amused smirk at Jin's request of him remaining "polite." He knew Seokjin was very much aware he'd do exactly the opposite.

"Sorry I'm late," the boy apologised, glaring at his parents who were sitting on each of their thrones at the rear end of the court.

"You don't sound sorry," Yoongi snorted, noting the sarcastic tone of his younger brother, although he immediately fell quiet due to the heavy stare his Father threw towards him.

"Sit down, Jungkook," the Queen said authoritatively, to which her son obeyed, taking his place on his own throne on the right side to the King.

"I don't want any funny business," the King instructed, adjusting the crown which had been placed on his head. "You know how much the alliance means to both kingdoms. You won't be the one to ruin it."

Jungkook let out a bitter laugh, shaking his head at his father's words. That's all he seemed to care about lately. Evidently, his kingdom meant more to him than his own son's happiness.

He leaned back into the throne, resting his chin against the palm of his hands. Swallowing a lump which had formed in his throat, the Prince's gaze settled upon the door, awaiting the moment where it would open, revealing the Princess whom he knew he would have to wed.

His stubbornness against marriage had only gotten him so far, since now he had absolutely no power to resist the King's orders.

Jungkook craned his neck to look over at his elder brother, who sat on the left to their mother. Yoongi's eyes were evidently full of remorse towards the younger, as he knew it could easily have been him in Jungkook's position. The only reason he'd been spared the fate of becoming the future King was due to the fact he was the mere step-son of the King, and Jungkook was the one who carried royal blood in his veins.

"King Jeon," an unfamiliar voice spoke out, coming from one of the guards who stood by the entrance of the door. "Jennie Kim and her family have arrived."

At these words, Jungkook's heart began to hammer in his chest repetitively, as a foreign sensation of sheer nervousness completely consumed his body. The dreaded moment he'd been apprehensively avoiding for the past few years had finally crept up on him, and there was absolutely no way he could escape it this time.

With baited breath, the Prince transfixed his firm gaze onto the door as he saw four individuals proudly striding into the courtroom.

A/n: im sOrry I used Jennie as the Princess lmAo I love her but tbh to me her face suits the role

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