Ch. 1-My Best Friend

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  • Dedicated to David-My Dad...for being such a great help and inspiratoin to me

This is a new story group that I'm putting up.

It's just a series of short stories all about the same thing....well its the same story, with just short chapters.



One day while I was walking along the path in the woods, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t know what it was but I realized that it kept right behind me without noticing that I had seen it. I finally realized that it was following me and that it was about as big as a tall man crouched down and crawling on the ground. I began running and then heard what I thought were running footsteps. The footsteps kept getting closer until finally I recognized the sound of hooves instead of feet and then I felt something nudge me in the back.

I turned around and saw a little colt standing behind me. His soft, liquid brown eyes gazed at me while I inspected him. He was about ten hands high and seemed to be a very good natured colt, and I was wondering why anyone would want to get rid of him or be able to lose him. I decided to go asking around tomorrow to see if anyone had lost him. I was running my hands over his back when my hands encountered some things sprouting there like horns. It felt feathery or furry, but since I couldn’t see due to the darkening sky, I continued walking along the path. To my delight, I found that he followed me all the way to my house while I led the way. I led him into the barn so that I could inspect him further, and found that he was very skinny as if he hadn’t had food for days.

I turned on the brighter lights and looked back to his back where I noticed something fuzzy or furry. What I saw took my breath away. They were very tiny, but unmistakably silver wings. I had heard of these types of horses before and thought that I might name him Pegasus but then I thought I should use a name that I made up myself. So I named him Silver Wings, after his wings. As he grew bigger, I trained him to carry me and soon he started learning how to fly. It had been easy keeping Silver Wings from showing off his wings to my family when he was younger, but once he started flying, it got harder.

But soon when it came time for me to take him on a long journey and back to the mystic mountains I had heard about that had a lot of Pegasi, I had to let my parents know about what I had been doing with Silver Wings and where I now had to take him. My parents was very surprised to learn about Silver Wings and his flying ability and as I expected, they all wanted to ride him. I let them take a short but fun ride high in the sky before anyone else found out about Silver Wings. Then I rode him over a lot of mountains and valleys, even the ocean. Finally we reached our destination on top of a mountain. On that mountain, I was wondering if I should leave him there but my instinct told me that I should look around.

I found a little tunnel just big enough to let Silver Wings through and I led him to the inside of the mountain. It started getting darker and then I noticed that the tunnel was getting wider and taller, so I urged Silver Wings on to a gallop and pretty soon we found ourselves coming out of the mountain and going down its side into a beautiful dark green valley. There were a lot more horses around and I saw that they all had wings. Silver Wings flew down the rest of the way to his kin and then they were all surrounding me and nuzzling up to me as if thanking me for bringing Silver Wings to them.

I started to wonder how I would get back when suddenly I heard a voice inside my head. It said, “Do not worry about getting home, for I will fly you back to your home and then fly back here.” I thought in my head, “Silver Wings, is that you?” “Yes,” came the reply, “it is me. I had to keep my ability to talk a secret or else someone else may have found out. But I will take you home.” Then Silver Wings took me onto his back and flew me all the way to the forest just outside my driveway. He said, “It is best to leave you here, for I can not chance being seen by your folks for fear they think something had gone wrong.” I said goodbye to Silver Wings and then went home and watched as Silver Wings flew away.


Hey guys. I wrote this story a couple of years ago, so if it is bad, just ignore it. Thanks for reading.

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